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“Nothing is impossible” is the slogan that greets you inside the entrance of APL Cartons, a leader in the corrugated industry. Located in Worcester, the largest town in South Africa’s Western Cape, APL Cartons was founded in 1988 to meet the needs of its shareholders in the export fruit market. APL Cartons is owned by the Two-a-Day Group, Kromco Limited, Ceres Fruit Growers, Sundays River Citrus Company and Goede Hoop Citrus.

Since it was established 25 years ago, APL Cartons has solidified its ironclad hold on the industry because of the company’s ‘hands-on’ approach. The business has been built on the pillars of outstanding service, excellent quality and best value. APL has earned the reputation of being customer focused and is renowned as a market leader in innovation.

Hands-on Approach

Customer service is one of the keys to the success of APL Cartons. Every morning, the company holds meetings to flag and action any potential problems which are then reported to the senior management team. Clients have access to any of APL Cartons’ senior management team at any time. This unique ‘hands-on’ approach ensures that each client’s needs are met and addressed in a timely manner. Because APL Cartons believes in long term, mutually beneficial relationships, many of its clients have been with the company since the early years of operation. The foundation of APL Cartons is a strong value system that is built on openness and trust with its employees, clients and suppliers.

Quality Assurance

All products made by APL Cartons undergo extensive attribute and variable testing. Statistical process control (SPC) trend analysis has become a key tool in the daily management of materials, processes and machines. APL Cartons is an ISO 9001 (2000) certified company and uses a 6 SIGMA quality technique to ensure processes are in control. The plant has a modern and well equipped laboratory with computerized systems to check for colour, compression, burst strength and many other attributes to ensure top quality cartons for customers.

The business has a fully equipped Product and Development Department with qualified graphic and structural designers on board. The department is “cutting edge” in terms of new designs, patents and trials and offers support on the latest in technologies. APL also provides unbeatable service in terms of carton erecting and has a range of machines which are fully mobile and able to fold on site at producers pack houses.

APL has invested heavily in equipment to guarantee that it remains reliable and flexible, two qualities that are of paramount importance in its industry. Its plant compares favourably with world class operations with whom they benchmark. APL remains committed to its suppliers of raw materials, equipment and services and it continuously fosters long term relationships. Supplier partnering has been the basis of its reliable and cost effective sourcing of innovative materials, technology and services. APL Cartons uses a large and reliable Worcester based contractor for transport. Over the years, this contractor has consistently demonstrated the ability to deliver a high level of service.

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Responsible to the People & Environment

APL Cartons most important asset is its people. The company is committed to a comprehensive SHE program to which senior management is dedicated
in their support. APL is a NOSA 5 Star company and has regular audits done to adhere to the safety and compliance requirements of the OSH Act. It’s a company that believes in maintaining a safe and responsible management of the environment. APL Cartons is involved in the South African initiative on Carbon Footprint and Greenhouse Gas projects.

In collaboration with the fruit industry, APL Cartons has developed a carbon calculator which enables fruit growers and fruit pack houses to calculate what impact their operations have on the environment. With certainty APL Cartons can state that 100 per cent of the company’s waste which is generated in the plant is recycled. APL also believes that the wildlife in the region is another key to the company’s sustainability and consequently great care is taken to protect it.

Sustainable Prosperity

APL is dedicated to creating sustainable prosperity that brings long term social and economic benefits to its owners. Its key objective for its corporate social investment is the development of the community it operates in.

The company has played a significant role in helping people within the community through its involvement with various charities and institutions that include: the Pioneer School for the Blind; De la Bat Institute for the Deaf; Million Bread Foundation; and the Gideons. In addition, APL supports specific projects for people in need.
The success of APL Cartons has caused it to become the supplier of choice to leading, national and internationally renowned companies which export fruit, food, wine and beverages plus to industries which demand high quality and outstanding service.

Because of its steadfast commitment to employees, the community and the environment, APL Cartons has been successful in creating prosperity for its stakeholders. Without a doubt, APL Cartons offers clients the best value for money in its industry now and for the future


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