Modern medical marvels

Fairview Hospital is a new institution which brings hope, innovation and, above all, ground-breaking treatment to the people that most need it.

After years of preparation, the modern and greatly-anticipated Fairview Hospital opened its doors to a grateful public just over a year ago. The first twelve months have been a hugely exciting opening chapter in what is sure to be a long, rewarding history.

Health matters

The commissioning of Fairview Hospital has been the realisation of a life-long dream. After so much hard work and dedication, it officially opened its doors, in Lusaka, on February 14, 2011.

Fairview Hospital is a part of Medicare International Limited (the holding company). Its principle activity involves the operation of a fully-fledged modern medical hospital, offering a wide range of high quality, international standard medical services.

The new establishment, with its advanced technology and treatments has been designed to serve the booming Lusaka town and surroundings, enhance quality, improve access and increase efficiency in the delivery of health care services. There is currently 200 highly skilled and experienced staff working to make Fairview one of the most formidable medical institutions in Africa.

Fairview Hospital was also designed to serve as a healthcare “hub” for the whole of Zambia, in order to limit evacuations abroad.  Furthermore, it will assist to save and generate foreign exchange in the country by reducing the number of patients seeking medical facilities abroad.

Rewarding patients

The hospital offers a wide range of services in various specialties, catering for outpatients and inpatients, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The impressive outpatient department is located on the ground floor of the hospital. This unit provides specialty and general services to walk-in patients and hospital members. In addition to consultations, it also provides imaging services through fully equipped diagnostic centres and specialist procedures, such as endoscopy, hemodialysis and minor surgical day cases.

Meanwhile, the inpatient department includes a medical, surgical, paediatric and maternity wards, while also hosting a neonatal, intensive care, neonatal intensive care units. There is also an emergency room and two fully equipped operating theatres.

Both outpatients and inpatients have access to onsite ancillary services including a 24 hour laboratory department, radiology department, ambulance service, pharmacy department and physical therapy services. In addition there are patients with dedicated house call services.

Currently, the hospital has 62 beds, with a capacity of 82.

A memorable year

As a new hospital Fairview has embraced the most advanced methods available. Hospital Administrator Dimitra Papalexiou explains.

“We offer modern treatment services, combining medical expertise and the use of modern diagnostic equipment,” she says. “We are patient-centred and adhere to strict standards. All our patients can receive comprehensive quality care under one roof, at very competitive prices.”

Fairview is still in the early stages of evolvement within Africa, however, during this period of operation it has attracted many nationwide clients from neighbouring countries and beyond.

“This is a truly incredible achievement for such a young institution, given the timeframe,” enthuses Papalexiou. “I can truly say that our vision, dedication and pioneering spirit will, in time, spread our services across Africa.”

In the hospitals first phase of development, it will set up high quality diagnostic centres and clinics across Zambia. This will enable patients based outside of Lusaka to gain access to modern healthcare.

The second phase involves expanding into neighbouring countries, with the main goal to make Fairview Hospital Lusaka the centre of medical excellence in the area.

“Our aim is to be the leading healthcare provider in the region and to be the first choice hospital for patients,” says Papalexiou.

Technology assets

Procuring advanced technology for the hospital is a major priority. The main investment has been in acquiring diagnostic equipment including digital x-ray machines, digital mammography, CT Scanners, 3 and 4D ultrasound equipment, fully-equipped ICU facilities (including blood gas analysers) and two modern fully fledged operating theatres.

In addition, the onsite laboratory has been designed to the highest of standards and is comprised of extensive analysers that can provide a wide range of investigations. It also uses advanced water treatment equipment, designed to obtain the most accurate results.

The hospital’s most lucrative contracts have been with international insurance companies such as BUPA, Allianz, Vanbreda, GMC and local corporations from a broad spectrum of corporate entities such as Barclays Bank, Pepsi, COMESA and recently the National Parliament for Zambia.

One project, however, that has definitely stood out was Fairview’s collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Cardiac Trust of Zambia, in hosting the Mutima Project. In March 2011 a team of doctors and nurses from New Zealand arrived in Zambia to conduct open heart surgeries, particularly mitral valve replacements and repairs. The hospital hosted these procedures and successfully conducted seven open heart surgeries.

After such a productive inaugural year Fairview Hospital is looking forward to the future with huge optimism, knowing that getting results and transforming lives truly is the best medicine.


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