Generations of Building the Best

During the past several decades F. Verbaan Construction has built itself a solid reputation for excellence in the construction of innovative buildings in South Africa. The history of the family-owned and operated Verbaan Construction spans several generations. First established by Frank Verbaan and his father Dan Verbaan, in 1966, they were also the founding members of the widely respected Hulson, Morgan and Verbaan.

The medium-sized and hugely successful company is now lead by the brothers Daniel Verbaan, who is contract manager, Warren Verbaan, who serves as the purchasing manager, and Grant Verbaan, who heads up the financial team. This family-based leadership allows for instinctive team playing alongside an individual motivation that allows the team to push company growth forward year on year.

In 1981, the company moved from Underberg to the Natal North Coast and the company’s name changed to Verbaan Construction (Pty) Ltd. Astoundingly, between 1981 and 1996, the company doubled its turnover annually, and the year 1996 saw the company’s turnover top R36-million, firmly establishing it as the go to company for commercial projects including schools, factories, hospitals and shopping centres, alongside smaller residential units. The construction company hasn’t looked back since.

When F. Verbaan Builders was originally formed in 2002 by Frank Verbaan, market demands dictated that the company undertakes house building projects in the Upper Highway area. Units were constructed in developments such as Kirtlington, Plantations, Langford Estate, Le Domaine and Cotswold Downs, as well as several privately built houses in and around the area. Since that time, the company has continually expanded its portfolio to include larger scale commercial and industrial projects, as well as small specialised civil work. Over the past decade the company has grown from strength to strength and tripled its turnover, investing heavily in its infrastructure to accommodate larger scale contracts.

Indeed the notable stable infrastructure of F Verbaan Construction (Pty) Ltd, situated in the Upper Highway area in KwaZulu, is brilliantly managed and served well by a dedicated staff, which is very well balanced in youth and experience.

Members of the company can be observed as synchronised in their goals and ambitions, and aligned with company planning strategies. Certainly the management seeks to ensure all staff feels valued as a key part of the success of the business. Open lines of communication, are encouraged by the Verbaan brothers and the knock on effect is a positive and proactive workplace achieving impressive results.

The management, administration and field staff combine to utilize great facilities and up to date computer software packages that make efficient day to day business possible. Live monitoring of costs and progress reports ensure projects are finished on time and within budget. The company strives to deliver a product and a service that totally fulfils the customer or clients requirements. The aim is to deliver the end product on time, and to the best quality that can be achieved, through successful management, both on and off site.

The Verbaan brothers aim to maintain an honest and professional relationship with clients throughout the construction process, and beyond with a track record for successfully taking on all forms of construction. The balance between youth and experience in Verbaan headquarters is producing outstanding results for projects each time and they plan to continue to complete various projects in the residential, industrial and commercial sectors.

Exciting and innovative projects from the company over the years have included:

Durban Girls College Aquatics Centre and the construction of a new Aquatics Centre, consisting of two new change rooms with grand stands above, upgrading of existing change rooms and ablutions, new walkways and swimming pool; Ngwelezane Hospital, involving demolition work and the construction of two new wards; Construction of the New Motor Showroom, workshop and ancillary buildings for GWM; and Mangosuthu Buthelezi Museum and Documentation Centre.

Additional high-profile projects have been The New Sibusisiwe Community Hall, Mandeni, a Community Hall Facility, consisting of mezzanine seating area, amphitheater, RTI testing station ablutions and guard house for the Mandeni Municipality. Sundumbili Sports Precinct, Mandeni Construction of a new sports facility which includes one covered stand, two open stands, adjacent football pitch, changing rooms, ablutions and hard stand for the Mandeni Municipality.  There is also Hammersdale Cold Storage Facility, providing new cold storage facility at Hammersdale Kwa Zulu Natal. The work here consisted of a 2700m² factory facility and 300m² offices for Natures Choice. This facility has top of the range equipment and houses frozen produce for major retail chains. Verbaan Construction has extended its portfolio to include further large scale commercial and industrial projects, as well as small specialised civil work.

The dynamic, flexible and cohesive attitude of the Verbaan brothers is ensuring future growth for the business and the ability to consistently meet client demands. Over the past decade the company has grown, tripling its turnover, as well as increasing its infrastructure to accommodate the larger scale contracts which they win throughout the year.

The current Verbaan Construction’s aim and purpose is to continue steady upward growth, by taking on and exploring new technology and industry skills, while all the time remaining in league with market demands, and legislation. With this utter commitment to benchmark quality construction, Verbaan Construction looks set for exponential growth over the coming year.


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