Cat Box Pet Hyper, a family run business since 2001, is the largest speciality pet food and accessories retailer in Gauteng, South Africa. The pioneering pet supplies manufacturer has an impressive product range which includes quality food and accessories for cats, dogs, birds, small pets, fish and reptiles. A creative and colourful approach marks the brand and has made it a firm favourite with pet owners across Gauteng. “We currently have 12 branches and growing, we are able to provide a broad range of competitively priced pet food and products”, Leon Meyer, Director. Indeed, stores are packed with more than 4500 products with many items exclusive to the Cat Box Pet Hyper, chain.

The pet care market in South Africa, is currently experiencing strong growth, which is forecast to continue over the coming years despite escalating food and fuel prices, job insecurity and rising household debt. Through its creation of a loyal customer base and continual product innovation, Cat Box Pet Hyper, looks set to ride this trend and is fast establishing itself as a market leader. “What makes us a bit different to other pet stores and chains in South Africa, is that we do a lot of own manufacturing, meaning we can provide excellent products and competitive pricing”, Meyer.

Upward of R5bn is being spent each year in South Africa, to maintain household pets. A key driver for the recent surge in activity within the pet care market, can be put down to owners increasingly humanising their pets. This is leading to higher spending on healthcare, nutritional food, non-essential toys and accessories for household animals. Rising disposable incomes coupled with a rising black middle-income population is supporting household spending on pet care in South Africa. In fact a global boom in the pet food industry is being sparked by the impact of the internet and other non-contact communications technologies. In modern society people can be seen to be ever more insular, solitary and therefore more likely to spend on pets to increase levels of overall wellbeing and happiness. Euromonitor International, has forecast global spending on pet related products will reach $95,7bn in 2017.

A factor contributing massively to the success of the Cat Box Pet Hyper chain can be put down to a philosophy committed to completing their own manufacturing. Arleco, sister company, founded in 1976, and also owned by the Meyer family, is currently South Africa’s largest cat litter manufacturer. From its quarry in the Northern Province, Arleco, mines and manufactures cat litter, which is then supplied in high volumes to be sold in Cat Box Pet Hyper, stores across Gauteng, direct to the public. The cat litter produced has a reputation for being of benchmark quality with a highly absorbent property that makes it a top selling product and favourite with pet owners across the region.
Cat Box Pet Hyper, independently completes all cleaning, mixing and packaging of all bird seeds. Alongside in-house produced food and accessory lines, premium pet food is imported from Belgium, many further European countries and China. Over the years strong relationships have been built with global pet care traders and this has been managed beautifully to ensure the provision of world class pet care products, alongside locally manufactured products in stores.

Despite the increasing importance of supermarkets in the sale of pet care products, speciality pet stores continue to dominate sales for pet products and Cat Box Pet Hyper, is blazoning the way. Operations ensure Cat Box Pet Hyper, customers can walk confidently into any Gauteng, store knowing they are accessing a wide variety of high calibre, bespoke stock.

2014 will see the appearance of a further three to four Cat Box Pet Hyper, stores. It’s just the beginning of the huge investment taking place. “The plan for the future is for us to eventually open stores on a national level, and throughout Africa”, Meyer. A massive advantage is their Johannesburg, based distribution centre, which enables the business to sustain its own  distribution lines from source to stores, crucially ensuring all retail outlets are always well stocked and supplied with pet products for every budget.

The world’s largest pet fair, for the international pet supplies industry, Interzoo 2014, will take place in Nurembourg, Germany, May 29th – June 1st. The event will host more than 1,500 suppliers from over 50 countries and Cat Box Pet Hyper, will be among those present. Meyer, is incredibly passionate about such events, “I absolutely love going to source new lines and products”. It is this commitment to progression in the industry from the leadership of the company which is setting the brand apart. The future looks bright for Cat Box Pet Hyper, as the company sets the standard for pet care provision in South African industry.


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