One of South Africa’s largest construction and technical engineering companies

Hilti is one of South Africa’s largest construction and technical engineering companies. They staff about 20,000 employees and hold an active presence in over 120 countries worldwide. Working under the value statement, “We passionately create enthusiastic customers and build a better future;” Hilti aims at building relationships with clients through identifying their needs and providing innovative and value-adding solutions.

Thinking Globally

The worldwide Hilti Group evolved from a small family business. In 1941, Martin Hilti founded Hilti oHG, a mechanical workshop in South Africa. He began with only a small production line and five employees. Yet even in its early years, Hilti’s mission was clear: “to excel through outstanding innovation, top quality, direct customer relations and effective marketing.”

Within a year, Hilti had increased the company’s production substantially, and staffed over 100 people.

Hilti continued to develop their technologies and grow. By the late 1950s, Hilti sales representatives operated in several African, South American, and European nations. The company entered the Australian, Asian, and North American markets in the early 1960s.

This expansion across the globe shows the ever-growing demand for Hilti’s products and services. However, no matter how big the company grows, Hilti is committed to treating each transaction with integrity.

Today, Hilti is the only company in the construction supply industry with a global direct sales force. The company staffs over 20,000 employees. Every day, they have more than 200,000 customers interactions with worldwide.

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Three Key Deliverables

Hilti products are made from three key ingredients, “one-third observation, one-third inspiration, and one-third consultation.” Each stage of development aims to keep the customer’s specifications and needs in mind. Hilti not only works to meet customer expectations, but to exceed them. However, there are truly three types of Hilti ‘product,’ tools, after-sale support, and engineering services.


The majority of Hilti tools are used for construction and manufacturing purposes. These include specialized tools for diamond coring and sawing, drilling and demolition, firestop and fire protection, and measuring. Hilti also offers every accessory needed to complete a construction project efficiently.

Hilti products are built for durability. Every purchase is covered by a two-year no cost warranty. Customers are also given a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, and a repair cost limit of 30% of a product’s current list price.

After-Sale Support

Customer care doesn’t end at the sale. Hilti offers several support services to customers well after their purchase. Hilti Online allows consumers to browse a comprehensive product catalog from their computer, smartphone, or tablet. It also allows users to track the history of their orders, and research further information about Hilti tools.

In 2001, Hilti engineers realized a growing lack of skills in the manufacturing industry. Although workers were receiving the necessary supplies to succeed, many did not have the necessary training to use them. Hilti decided to begin offering on- and off-site instructional tutoring on the proper use and maintenance of equipment.

In a 2006 interview with Creamer Media’s Engineering News, Hilti field engineer Schalk Burger commented, “By offering free on-site and in-office training, we are feeding the fastener, tooling, and manufacturing skills in South Africa.”

Hilti’s training program ensures that all construction industry workers can adhere to safety standards, avoid accidents, and increase the life cycle of their equipment.

“The advantages of using our solutions are quality assurance, cost, and time saving,” concluded Burger.

Engineering Services

Hilti’s engineering services range from an online library of technical data to on-site assistance of Hilti engineers. Engineering services can be reached at any time through phone or email, and clients can easily book appointments for a visit from a field engineer.

The company offers a variety of software and engineering solutions to help construction firms start or maintain any large-scale project. The cutting edge PROFIS software solution offers an effective way of calculating anchors, rebar, support systems and many other applications. PROFIS uses the latest design codes and practices to provide the best results as per client specifications.

The Hilti Difference

The backbone of Hilti’s success stems from the innovative contributions of dedicated employees. The Hilti corporate culture encompasses four core values: integrity, courage, teamwork, and commitment. These are the key qualities Hilti looks for in its staff. In return for their contributions, staff members receive regular leadership and training in regards to their personal career development.

Hilti’s quality of workplace and corporate culture shines through as it continually wins international top employer awards. Hilti has placed within the top 10 of Europe’s best places to work several times over the past decade. In 2011, Hilti placed 15th among the best international employers. In 2013, Hilti again received a ranking of 15 in the Great Places to Work Institutes international employer evaluation.

In an official statement made by Hilti Executive Board Member Jörg Kampmeyer in 2013, Kampmeyer said, “We continuously develop our corporate culture. This is a process that includes giving our employees both a high sense of both value and performance orientation. That this approach is ratified and acknowledged by our employees as well as by external experts, and that we continue to achieve this type of top ranking, makes us very proud.”


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