City slickers

For over 25 years property developers Twin City have been transforming the Southern African landscape with modern, innovative and awe-inspiring buildings. As its name suggests, flair and professionalism have always been identical targets and, so far, that bond has never been broken.

While Michael Jackson was selling millions of records and Olympian Carl Lewis was breaking them, the gloriously-named Twin City Development Ltd also began its remarkable journey. Back in that seminal year of 1984 Arnold Pistorius—still the managing director of the company—was busy plotting to shake up the shopping mall development industry.

Out went beige, boredom and bleak and in came futuristically designed, interactive and exciting structures, which made people want to stay.

Centres of excellence

Since those halcyon days in the eighties, Twin City has completed all manner of different projects, but its main focus has continued to be the development and letting of cutting-edge shopping centres throughout Southern Africa.

With many impressive ventures completed Twin City has transformed the shopping centre experience for millions of people throughout Southern Africa. The scope, industriousness and positive nature of its portfolio has ensured a reputation in the industry that is second to none, setting the standard for the continent’s retail-related structures.

Its modern ethos and desire to keep improving and breaking new ground has given rise to a unique architectural fingerprint, while the famous double-towered logo has become a distinguished mark of quality. Today, 1000s of customers are shopping in Twin City malls every day.

All Twin City projects are founded and developed in line with the company’s passionate long-term vision to create retail centres that make a positive contribution to the community, many years after being completed. Indeed, the structures not only create spectacular focus points for communities, but also provide secure jobs, outstanding facilities and enjoyable areas to socialise.

The sheer variety of shops, from cutting-edge electronics to fashion stores, not to mention the veritable feast of cafes and restaurants, has ensured the versatility that is at the bvery heart of what the company strives for. Whether popping in to grab some lunch or spending the day leisurely perusing the endless temptations, Twin City shopping centres guarantee that there is something for everyone. The company’s brand always has and always will be one of inclusivity.

Duty malls

The Twin City manifesto, which has become an integral part of the Twin City culture, demonstrates its commitment to high standards. Initially, it ensures that clients can conduct a profitable business and this is achieved by providing the best possible location, visibility, access and flow.

Subsequently a plan is drawn up for the appearance, facilities and objectives of each individual mall, ensuring that maximum potential is delivered. A carefully orchestrated development strategy ensures that the magnificent structures open according to set deadlines.

Once completed, the centres are free of crime, where safety, cleanliness and the enjoyment and convenience of customers, are a major priority. All Twin City malls are also planned in such a way that there will always be a parking space for every customer, as close to their shopping destination as possible.

Many of the centres also provide a crèche service, where enthusiastic staff will happily entertain the children, while parents escape for some well-deserved retail therapy.

Some of the extraordinary shopping centres which are playing a pivitol role in their communities are  Twin City Burgersfort, Groblersdal, Twin City Bushbuckridge, Paledi Mall (Mankweng), Blue Haze Mall (Hazyview), Twin City Mall (Heidedal) and Wonderboom Nissan.

Building extensions

As well as always looking for new opportunities Twin City prides itself on the ability to recreat existing centres with exciting additional features. The recent extension to the Blue Haze shopping centre in Hazyview is a good example of how a centre continues to evolve.  An extra 7000 square metres, an improved taxi rank and better traffic flow has resulted in a greater variety of shops, more customers and even greater job prospects for the local people.

Twin City is not only concerned with leaving a lasting legacy through its myriad shopping centres. It also has a number of non-profitable environmental and cultural projects which are changing lives every day.

The company has even established a disadvantaged preschool at some of their centres. These facilities aim to enhance children’s self-esteem, increase their learning ability, help them to form successful relationships and encourage them to adopt a positive attitude towards their lives.

Another project close to Twin City’s heart is the preservation of wildlife. Last year it successfully delivered in excess of 60 animals to the wild life sanctuary close to Vilancoulos Mozambique. It is one of many ventures the company is involved with which focuses on re-populating local wildlife.

It is this approach to youth, the future and a responsibility for the people it serves that has made Twin City one of the most admired companies in the business. After so many years of changing the way retail centres look, feel and function, it’s no wonder Twin City are still top of the shops!


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