Stars of CCTV

When your livelihood depends on places, products, people or possessions, security is everything. This is exactly why G4S thrive on producing intelligent systems, designed to give its customers complete peace of mind.

In today’s constantly changing, technologically advanced world, optimum security is a priority for most businesses. Hi-tech solutions and forward thinking have replaced padlocks and crossed fingers, and G4S have been at the epicentre of the revolution.

Key notes

G4S is a global risk management consulting and specialist security company, formed through the amalgamation of Wackenhut, Group 4 and Securicor in 2004. The merger has resulted in a formidable business, with decades of combined experience and expertise, employing well over half a million people worldwide.
The G4S Africa headquarters are based in Pretoria, providing a vital hub linking all the African countries. Trusted by well over 13,000 customers in South Africa, the company provides an unrivalled range of security services to a wide spectrum of customers in both public and private sectors. It specialises in solving security and safety in cases where the threat is considered particularly high.

Through the development of long-term partnerships with customers in key sectors, the company devises strategies to help clients deliver their business objectives, manage risks, protect critical assets and improve service delivery.

As well as its South Africa operations G4S operates in 29 countries across the African continent, including Kenya, Ghana, Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania, Mauritania, Malawi, Uganda, DRC, Morocco and Nigeria. This unique network of operations has created an excellent platform to support global customers working in key sectors such as oil, gas, ports and mining.

Moving with the times

In a rapidly evolving country like South Africa, G4S has had to constantly re-evaluate its service provision, as new and exciting technology emerges. It is this meticulous approach which has been pivotal to the company’s success, according to Marketing Manager Daphne Du Preez. “A stand-alone guarding service is not conducive to sustainability, especially when technology is so progressive and continues to evolve. Any security service provider not already recognising this trend will be left trailing behind,” she says. “With the rapid advancement of technology, G4S has ensured that we maintain our lead in the market place by designing our own innovative product lines and software packages.”

Due to recent economic trends, which have dictated that customers need to cut costs without increasing risks, G4S has incorporated creative combinations of technology and manpower to keep providing exceptional products that won’t break the bank.

In addition to the financial circumstances, the company has also adjusted in accordance with the growing emphasis on health and safety management in the workplace.

“More and more customers require us to comply with, participate in and assist with this aspect of the business. Health and safety now encompasses additional infra-structure, fire-fighting and first aid. G4S has risen to the challenge and has a robust approach, employing qualified individuals to drive these essentail areas,” explains Du Pleez.

Green days

The impact of climate change and the ever-increasing pressure to reduce carbon footprints, has also changed the way G4S operates over the last couple of years.

Indeed, when it comes to measuring, reporting and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, G4S is the leader in its field and, since 2009, the company has set itself a series of challenging targets to increase sustainability.

“In SA alone we have achieved an eight per cent reduction in our employee intensity measurement, installed recycle bins, adopted an electricity monitoring system and implemented ‘green’ office equipment procurement, as standard,” enthuses Du Preez.

Planning ahead

G4S is one of only 20 FTSE 100 companies that have delivered consecutive earnings growth over the past five years, demonstrating not only the inherent strength of the business and market position, but also its sustainability. At the heart of the company’s ethos is an insistence on integrity, supported by its recognition as an ethical trader.

In the New Year and beyond the company will continue to bolster its impressive African footprint by running operations in Tunisia, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Liberia.

In the last three years G4S have received no less than 39 industry awards, recognising the quality of its people, training and security solutions. Proving that it is running rings round the opposition the company has also been announced as the Official Security Services Provider to the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games.

After such a rewarding and progressive few years, G4S continues to make great strides in galvanising the industry. Suffice to say, embracing the future has never felt so secure.


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