May 11

This month the TABJ team is tackling the topic of responsible Relocation Action Plans (RAPs), which are developed when mining companies are considering the displacement of communities in order to facilitate their businesses. Our cover story focuses on a range of socially responsible companies that have made a major mark in Africa, including Randgold Resources and Goldfields.

In keeping with a theme of social responsibility, this month we’ve also spoken with the founders behind the Koinonia Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Rwanda with goals of modernizing education through renewable energy sources.

Our profiles this month cover an expansive range of companies, including African Minerals, a company seeing great success working on major iron ore projects in Sierra Leone, and Botswanabased Analytika Holdings, who handles major coal projects. We’ve also spoken with the Johannesburg Property Company who is working on a number of major developments for the city of Johannesburg, and Lemay, a major player in South Africa’s property, painting and renovations industry.

We’ve really enjoyed speaking to all of our companies this month and learning about the exciting projects they are undertaking. At TABJ we understand how each company big or small is integral in the development of Africa, and we hope you enjoy the issue. It is our pleasure to bring to you company stories that bring so much to African economic expansion.

April 11

There are moments, some of them unthinkable, when events happen that force the entire global community to stop—and watch.

Millions of people all over the world have been glued to TV coverage of devastation and tragedy that has rocked Japan following the massive earthquake and tsunami on March 11th.

Though we cannot control these events, and those other incomprehensible natural disasters that have shaken us so far in 2011, we can come together as a global community to help those in a time of need. We dedicate this month’s TABJ to those people affected by natural disasters, our friends in Japan and our friends in other countries who have been affected by similar calamities.

March 11

This issue for TABJ is a very special one, as we celebrate our first anniversary of the magazine—it has been a stellar year. We have been pleased to bring you the latest on a number of key issues affecting Africa, and excited to profile a diverse group of noteworthy businesses throughout the continent.

Big things are happening this month in line with our anniversary. We are excited to bring you, in an exclusive interview, the President of Zambia, Mr. Rupiah Banda to talk about why telecommunications will invigorate African economies and how telecommunications development is critical to African businesses.

Along with this exclusive cover story, we have a number of nteresting features to commemorate our one year anniversary. We highlight Tunisia’s uprising against the country’s political regime and host a special interview with Riversdale Mining.

We’ve spoken with a number of interesting and diverse companies this month, including Berfin, a major food and drink exporter in South Africa, and Charlton Electrical who are responsible for a number of electrical projects in Africa.

Thank you to the many companies and interviewees who have made our magazine what it is today. We look forward to many years of working with you in the future, and off all the best to our partners in industry.

February 11

Innovative: a word that, by definition means new, original, more dynamically or groundbreaking.

We are approaching our first anniversary of The African Business Journal (a date to celebrate our own pioneering), and with this milestone upon us, it is appropriate that we are profiling so many great and innovative businesses in this February issue of TABJ.

As industry in Africa continues to flourish, we’re giving you an inside look at companies who are worth the moniker, such as Swartland Doors and Windows, Carbon Programmes, and Lesedi Drilling.

We’re updating you on other noteworthy developments in Africa such as the presence of BEE in mining in South Africa, and what Fairtrade has come to mean to people in business. Fairtrade and BBBEE are interconnected, playing a specific role in improving the position of historically disadvantaged people in South Africa due to apartheid.

Every year, the number of businesses using Fairtrade increases, making the cause for fair labour practices heard and supported around the world.

On the technology front, our editors review ground-breaking products like the iPhone and the trusty Blackberry—deciphering which tool is really best for business users.

Finally, we have the controversial topic of debt-relief for our cover—you know this one will play into political and social debates in the year to come.

January 11

First off, best wishes for the New Year from all of us at TABJ. Jumping into January, we can already see it will be fruitful year for TABJ and African business.

Our cover story on the Nile river valley, one of earth’s most precious resources, and the agreement that needs to take place between its surrounding countries is one to note. With only five out of 10 countries signing the agreement on how to share and protect water, such a vital resource, many countries are facing challenges like drought and extreme poverty. This story proves to be a topical and important one on the African landscape as of late.

This month we spoke with GVEP, a non-profit organization that implements clean energy to Africa, providing B2B solutions to small companies throughout the continent. A definite organization to take notice of that is making a difference in the energy and business sector in Africa.

We’ve profiled a long list of great companies this month that further explore Africa’s business realm in the New Year. Among these companies are Bomar projects with its upscale underground mining projects; as well as the independent owner managed construction company, Semane, and Ken Afric, one of Africa’s major retailers in the sweets, footwear and food items. All of these companies are making a valuable contribution to Africa’s business communities and we will see great things from them. Other companies we interviewed this month are Stefanutti Stocks—a mainstay in the African marine construction sector and Pretoria Eye Institute which is South Africa’s first private disciplinary ophthalmology clinic.

Throughout 2010 we’ve been thrilled to have profiled hundreds of wonderful companies that exemplify Africa’s success economically throughout the year and the varied businesses that the country encompasses. At TABJ, we foresee 2011 to be an even more successful year and look forward to bringing you, our readers, the up-and-coming business news and issues that will shape the year to come.

December 10

This month has been a whirlwind for TABJ. When we spoke with more than 20 top African companies this month including Asenjo Energy, Teichmann Plant Hire, and Eurocape, we heard the undertones of excitement surrounding this upcoming year in African business.

The next 12 months will be crucial ones for African countries, as projects ramp up and we see just how much the World Cup’s influx of business development contributes to the continent’s future strengths.

Of course we need to stay on top of current legislative issues affecting African business including the evolving role of BEE initiatives and how social responsibility affects business strategy, which was a topic at a recent seminar TABJ attended in Canada.

We were onsite for the On the Ground Group’s Risk Seminar on October 27th, and the presentations were eye-opening, to say the least. Risk will be a key focus going into 2011, and we plan to delve further into the challenges and barriers to entry for businesses next year.

November 10

A lot of people talk about the Millennium Development Goals, aimed at tackling poverty throughout the world today—but where does Africa stand? As many of our exciting companies this issue both demonstrate and testify: Africa’s business climate is heating up. Just ask Investec Asset Management, who stopped by to talk about us why Africa is an investor’s top option. Or look more closely at Ohorongo Cement, paving the way for new builds of all sorts in this fair continent. Then we have MSP Developments, crafting homes and properties to house our ever growing communities, commercial needs and more.

We have a lot of other varied and exciting companies to call on for backing as we look at how all things business in Africa are improving today, including Digby Wells, whose tireless efforts to provide environmental services ‘to move from the world we live in, to the world we seek’ is working to preserve our world famous landscapes and support the resources industry.

This issue’s conglomeration of entirely different companies represents the Africa that will see development grow into 2011. And all of these companies have one thing in common: a unique and customer-tailored approach. To talk more about any of these, drop me a line today!

October 10

As you might have discerned from our cover this month, Zambia is big in news headlines right now and big for TABJ too.

Our cover story is a full throttle look at the telecom industry in this growing country, and we’ve heard on the wire that the industry is going to see a boom with the recent privatization of Zamtel.

We were lucky enough to get input from sources closest to the privatization, namely, Zambia President Rupiah Bwezani Banda, and Andrew Chipwende from the Zambian Development Agency—both of whom were very gracious with their input into our story.

Of course, we’re not just looking at telecom this month. We’re also looking at construction, transportation, and manufacturing, which are all growing industries in Africa. We’re also excited to give you a preview of the AVEX air show, coming up in November!

Before I forget, let me formally introduce our new Associate Editor Lena Vazifdar. Welcome Lena!

September 10

Feeling a bit of the football comedown? After hosting the spectacle that was the 2010 FIFA World Cup, we’re a bit sad to see that it is over but are still glowing with pride. What a tournament it was—and we’ve recapped and highlighted all the drama, victory and glory in our cover feature so you can relive the excitement.

The World Cup did a great deal for local business, not the least of which is the booming telecommunications sector. Africa has been the fastest growing mobile phone market in the world for over five years now, and local companies are reaping the benefits of that. Check for our spotlight on South African-based mobile telecommunications company MTN Group for another reason to be proud of South Africa!

We’ve also profiled Derrick Levy, one of the country’s brightest entrepreneurs, and asked him what motivates him to continue to strive for success in his boating business.

There are also the business and industry features you have grown to expect from TABJ, and we don’t disappoint. We are particularly proud to present you with a profile on the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme and its far-reaching implications for the African diamond industry. From agriculture to construction, legal, manufacturing and beyond, we bring you companies that continue to bring Africa to the world.

August 10

It ’s been one very exciting month at TABJ. The World Cup has had the world glued to television screens everywhere, the G20 and G8 Leaders Summits took place at the end of June, and TABJ had the opportunity to attend one of the most prestigious events during the thick of it all: the G20 affiliate event Partnering with Africa’s Dynamic Markets.

To be frank, we had no idea just how big this event was going to be—but from the moment South African President Jacob Zuma walked in the doors of the conference center in Toronto, Canada, to when he concluded his speech by saying, in so many words, that Africa is open for business, we knew we were watching history in the making. Zuma’s presence illustrated the importance of the G20’s attention on Africa—as Zuma took critical time away from the action, attending the event despite World Cup activities going on back home.

And we appreciated it. This month’s magazine showcases Africa’s pride, with profiles of successful African companies from a variety of industries, and a profile on one of the continent’s most successful entrepreneurs. Indeed, Africa’s markets are “open for trade and investments” (President Jacob Zuma, June 23rd, 2010).

July 10

The world is watching: it’s soccer time. Yes, George Media is gearing up for the pandemonium that is the World Cup! And to start things off, we’ve got a brief rundown this month about the sport’s history. But before we go on, we must remind that not everything in this issue of TABJ is fun and games (thought we’d prefer to just sit back and enjoy the Cup, we’ve got some other business too!)

This month’s cover deals with one really big (and I mean stadium size) political and business issue: piracy. Piracy affects countries, business, and above all, people, and there needs to be a stop to it. In this feature we delve into the ramifications and possible outcomes of piracy. With so much going on in sports, all eyes will be on Africa—and so what better time to address this issue.

June 10

It’s hard to believe the 2010 FIFA World Cup is only a few weeks away—29 days, to be exact. South Africa is a seasoned international sporting events host, but the football World Cup, the biggest international sporting event after the Olympics, is in a class all its own. With a television audience of billions and an estimated 3 million visitors, the world will be visiting South Africa in June. And extensive preparations have been made. Football fans will enjoy the multi-billion rand worth of infrastructure projects recently completed in anticipation of the beautiful game. We can hardly wait.

In keeping with the world coming to Africa this month, TABJ explores the changing face of foreign investment in the continent, specifically China’s ignited push for African minerals and oil and gas. In Sino-Symbiosis, we dissect the benefits and caveats of the new China-Africa era and highlight the massive influx of Chinese investment dispersed throughout Africa.

Then we turn our eyes inward at more of Africa’s finest businesses, such as Baroque Medical, whose Johannesburg-based training facility is helping patients across southern Africa. With so much to be proud of, we hope you find time to enjoy this issue between qualifying rounds!


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