Doing things right the first time, every time

When Gerald Bahre, Pat Mdoda and Barry Strydom, later joined by Stethan Nothnagel, founded Royale Energy Limited, of South Africa, in 2003, they started more than a petroleum products and services company; they started a real change and new face amongst South Africa’s petroleum industry.
Consistent and unfaltering company emphasis on a hands-on approach to projects, combined with a fierce commitment to transformation in the industry has served the company well. Within one year of inception Royale had begun trading. Through its Evergreen Supply Agreement with Sasol, in what amounted to just 16 months, the company grew from uplifting six million litres of petrol, diesel and paraffin per month from Natref and Secunda, to in excess of 20 million litres a month.
TABJ looks at how Royale has managed such rapid and continuous growth, while never compromising on quality products and services and adding to its already-impressive client base. With 310 end-users per month, and growing, what is it about Royale that stands out from the pack?
A Royale success: New markets and products
The company considers the growth it has enjoyed carefully, saying that it is due, in large part, to its fleet of well-maintained and managed trucks and tankers.
Fuel is moved from both the Pretoria and Polokwane storage facilities and on to clients using carefully-planned routes. Of course, a strong supply chain and logistics base is the key when moving such volumes of valuable product. The Royale fleet uses cutting-edge technology to optimise service delivery and resource manageability and profitability. There are no go-betweens or weak links in its supply, either, and the company takes its product directly from the source to the clients in requirement. As if that achievement wasn’t weighty enough, Royale is able to do all of this and offer competitive prices.
The company’s foothold in the commercial marketplace is, essentially, its home turf. As a result, Royale’s latest move is to strengthen and shape the brand in the retail market. This move exemplifies the visionary leadership at the Royale helm, as the company opts to further investigate those markets which are not contractually bound to the international major’s of the petroleum industry, and looks over sites and options previously given little attention by many. The new retail brand in question is named Viva—a joint venture with Petroland—and Royale says it expects this new business arm to have ‘far reaching effects in the transformation of the industry.” With the company’s well-reputed product offering in place and seven years of successful operation behind it, it looks like this move might open a host of opportunities for Royale.
Alongside the Petroleum (93 and 95 grade), diesel (50 and 500 grade) and paraffin products on offer at Royale, comes the company’s ability to get whatever you need, when you need it, where it is needed.
A company that cares
In addition to its ever-mounting contracts, product and service offerings and future goals, Royale keeps mindful to play its part in terms of Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) and working in alignment with legislation aimed at assisting the promotion and readdressing balances for previously disadvantaged persons in South Africa. The company continues to look to strengthen its black shareholding and work towards being majority black-owned, and does so above and beyond those requirements laid out in the Petroleum and Products Charter implemented by the government and industry alike. Royale is finalising the sale of its equity to a broad-based black empowerment consortium known as Eyabantu and, true to form, will make the company standout further in its sphere as the largest locally-owned Schedule C fuel company in South Africa outside of the majors.
‘As a focused energy company Royale is driven by the belief that skilled and empowered employees are a prerequisite for success,’ the company says.
The company clearly displays its core values:
Honesty, loyalty and integrity
Responsibility and accountability
Treating others with fairness and respect
Espousing a caring company culture
The same is true of its business drivers:
Commitment to excellent service
Acknowledgement and recognition of superior performance
Keeping every promise
Dedication to achievement of team goals
Doing things right, first time, every time
Its keenness to display the strength of leadership and human value is the real differentiator when anyone looks at Royale. A commitment to giving something back, supporting its workforce and growing people stands equally as strongly as its meticulous attention to quality, delivery and market requirements. In brief, from its long-term contract with Sasol, to its impeccable BEE credentials, Royale really does get things right first time, every time.



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