JIC Mining: Vital partners in South African mining

For over two decades, the South African mining industry has grown along JIC mining, one of the country’s largest outsourcing mining service firms, partnering with South Africa’s principal mining companies.

JIC Engineering Services (Pty) Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Westdawn Investments (Pty) Ltd. has, in collaboration with its partners, been responsible for two impressive developments in mining equipment, one being the Mantis twin-boom drill rig and the other the Warthog track-bound non-throw development end loader. JIC Engineering further provides a comprehensive range of traditional engineering services to the mining industry.

Integral to any successful operation is progress and JIC Mining proves this rule. The already high-profile business has taken leaps and bounds within the past five years, whose range of services and ability to deliver on projects has made JIC Mining one of the industry’s most reliable and sought after companies.
As a company with the core competencies and a range of value added service offerings to provide fully outsourced turnkey mining solutions, JIC Mining is at the forefront of the growing turnkey outsourcing sector.

This dynamic raise in profile has been led by CEO, Jacques Roux, who has guided JIC Mining from specific contracting to handling up to 100 per cent of underground mining production for mine houses. Once the company has completed surveys, JIC Mining is “responsible for the rest of the underground operation, in line with driving the project further,” says Roux.

What has been JIC Mining’s secret? It’s a question Roux is used to answering, and he tells TABJ what he told one of his recent potential clients who were looking to replace their contractor. “The answer to that comes from a company culture; we have a finely tuned system of managing staff and engaging with them in an environment where people can function effectively and efficiently,” says Roux. “We have extensive experience and proven capability in delivering under difficult circumstances, based on a very well designed model developed over many years.”

JIC Mining has also established a very strong relationship with working unions such as the National Union of Mineworkers. Because of negotiated wages, standards of employment and other structures in place, clients have higher protection from work shortages, due to a high performing, happy work force.

“We are in a unique position,” admits Roux. The company’s size—the third largest mining service provider in South Africa—allows a balance of flexibility and structure required to run the project successfully. “We are big enough to enter into negotiations with a large project with a proven record and clients to reference, yet…not that big that it is rigid and decided by three, four, five layers of management. Most clients we deal with I am in touch with them once a week at least, which I believe clients appreciate.”

Roux sees the nature of the business evolving towards mechanised mining. “For a number of our clients, this is an exciting time. Currently the bulk of work is done in the Rustenburg area, but certainly the focus on expansion is in the eastern area and with the increase of mechanised mining, we have been fortunate enough to be very busy,” says Roux.

Health and safety

Health and safety is a “primary area and focus” for Roux, who oversees outside audits and the developed code of practice in terms of regulating safety and health. “Being a provider of outsourced mining services and having an organisational culture of caring for our people, health and safety is an integral part and priority of JIC Mining Services (JIC), but also of JIC Engineering Services, respectively falling within the scopes of the Mine Health and Safety Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Act,” is the company policy. “First and foremost in reviews, management meetings etc., it’s a real drive in the business, and I think the results are quite visible,” says Roux.

Currently providing outsourcing services to global giants such as Anglo Platinum and Goldfields, JIC employs up to 8,000 workers at any given time. JIC has recently opened a new MQA-accredited training facility in Rustenburg with capability to provide a wide range of classroom based as well as practical training.  All training is unit standard based and MQA accredited.  JIC not only ensures through this investment that it will be able to cater for its own skill pool requirement but also provides training services to its clients and other mining houses.


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