Naturally the Best When it comes to Tiles and Elegance

When the company started its slate quarry operation in the North West Province of South Africa in 1927, Mazista has become a recognized name when it comes to the best in natural tiles. Over the last 70 years they have consistently produced top quality South African slate tiles for roofing, flooring, wall cladding and other applications.

Since the early 1970s Mazista gradually expanded towards exporting and currently cover Australia, New Zealand, the Far East, the Middle East, Europe, the UK and various centres in the USA and Canada. “We have the widest range of product in the sense that we are stone specialists (Mazista Tiles)” says Michael Tully, Managing Director for Mazista. “Our Duratile division specializes in porcelain and ceramic and we are also an installation specialist (DTS).”

While they run their brands separately, the products are integrated so that they can offer the client the best of all worlds. “In many cases this can include specifying stone, porcelain and ceramic products in a project and then installing these products on a supply and fit basis” says Tully. “We are fully responsible for the entire tiling solution. Often, depending on the product, we will offer a 10-year guarantee on the installation to give the client piece of mind.”

Quality Products

Mazista Tiles has a product for every application and a colour for every situation. A fabrication shop has been established to provide added value so customers can look forward to expert advice and assistance in the choice of products as well as knowledge on features unique to natural tiles such as: surface texture, thickness variation and colour range. This provides customers with a variety of choices when it comes to texture, colour, style and wearing properties. Mazista constantly updates its range of tiles from quarries and suppliers globally.

One of Mazista’s mandates for success and customer satisfaction is supplying quality tiles at a competitive price. Being a manufacturer as well an importer, enables Mazista fully to appreciate the criterion required for projects. Their commercial team’s attention to detail and superior customer service allows Mazista to offer well structured design with technical support, product knowledge and advice. The Mazista showrooms let customers browse and view samples while expert staff is available in helping to choose the right tiles for every project.


Mazista has exported its South African made products to most of SA’s major trading partners throughout the world for several years. Now, all of the imported materials that Mazista brings in from its various suppliers, together with the South African products, are available for delivery to any and all of the countries of Africa. “As a group, we bring to market all of porcelain, ceramic, stone – granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, quartzite, slate, and terracotta” says Tully. “This comes from international and local manufactures and quarries that we have dealt with over many years and some that we own ourselves. We sell primarily into the South African domestic market as well as export (locally made slate and other stone) and we are active on the Southern African market which tends to source a lot of material from RSA.”

Mazista’s export department collectively has 40 years of export experience and can provide assistance irrespective of the type or style of the proposed purchase and payment term.


Current projects involve supplying and installing porcelain tiles at a large development of Atterbury Properties called Newtown Junction. Mazista is also completing a major granite installation at the New Standard Bank head office in Rosebank. Other projects include redefining properties using their ventilated façade cladding system on a large new office park known as 90 Grayston and South African Police Service accommodation upgrades in Durban.

When it comes to sustainability, Mazista’s ventilated facades offer sustainable building solutions by reducing the amount of energy required to heat or cool a building in winter or summer. “The systems use a thin tile which reduces the amount of emissions required in its manufacture and transportation to RSA” says Tully. A great deal of their natural stone is extracted and sometimes manufactured (roofing) by hand and does not require electricity and as such, have a negligible impact on the environment.

Future Plans

Looking ahead, Mazista’s corporate objectives include consolidating their three brands: Duratile (Porcelain and ceramic), Mazista (Stone) and DTS (installers of tile and cladding), into the RSA market and ensuring each brand is adequately represented while leading the areas that they trade in. “DTS has been an installation business for the last 60 years in the KZN area. Recently, we have brought our skills up to the JHB area to take advantage of the specifications we are doing there. Whilst we have now completed numerous large projects we would like the market to know of our business in this area” says Tully.

They have the contractual skills to undertake to any project in RSA and have the supply skills to ensure satisfaction with the client not only on the tiling side but on the supply side as well. “Similarly we would like to complete a number of projects in the Cape Town to display our ability to the market there” says Tully.

Mazista is the market leader in the porcelain mechanical cladding systems in RSA by innovatively researching and coming up with numerous systems depending on the clients requirements. “We have completed numerous successful installations of these and we would like to further penetrate the market with the various systems we have” says Tully. “We will also strive to continually innovate on these  products and bring new systems and products to market. Hopefully, we should have new product to start marketing by the last quarter of 2014.”

Mazista consistently offers natural elegance that customers expect. Their products have found excellent acceptability throughout the world and many countries are now turning to Mazista for top quality South African slate tiles for roofing, flooring, wall cladding and other applications.


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