A leader in pipe reticulation systems

As one of South Africa’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of plastic pipe reticulation systems, Marley Pipe Systems has worked since 1963 expanding its strong base and team of 400 employees. The company works within a number of different disciples including the civil, construction, irrigation, industrial and petrochemical industries. It works primarily in South Africa but it also supplies to other areas of Africa, the Indian Ocean Islands, Australia and Europe.

The company’s manufacturing facilities are located in Gauteng and in KwaZulu-Natal at Port Shepstone and it encompasses eight branches around the country that have become their distribution network. With sales offices in Botswana and Namibia and an active export division, Marley Pipe Systems brings reticulation solutions and technology to various countries around the globe as well as in South Africa.


When the company started in 1963, it was called Marley Plumbing and was part of the Marley SA group. Since then, Marley Plumbing became a major leader in plumbing and plumbing products. In 1970, Marley Plumbing introduced the Vynadeep range of Plastic Gutters which many places started to utilize, especially in coastal areas.

In 1987, Marley Plumbing incorporated Marley Streamline which reiterated its position as a market leader in pipe reticulation and in 1991 the company started selling pressure pipes including a range of uPVC and MPVC pipes, pressure bends, valves, tees and more.

It was in 1999 that Marley was bought by Etex Group, a company based in Belgium that operates globally in the piping and construction industry. In 2001 Etex bought Glynwed Pipe Systems Africa which merged with Marley Plumbing to form the new company, Marley Pipe Systems, which it is known as today. In 2003, the company became part of Belgium based Aliaxis group which specializes in plastic pipe reticulation systems.


Marley Pipe Systems is home to an exciting array of plumbing-related products that run the gamut from gutter systems, hot and cold water plumbing, drainage systems and more. Marley Pipe Systems eclectic products encompass quality and resiliency, necessary for all clients’ plumbing needs.

Plumbing and Construction Products

Marley Pipe Systems sells Marley Rainwater Systems which has an ease of installation, ideal technical performance and is low maintenance. The system is resilient and has a high resistance to impact. It is also certified under relevant South African National Standards (SANS 11:2007) and has the SABS mark. With excellent flow rates, corrosion resistance and a 10 year warranty, this rainwater system is a state of the art solution.

Under its plumbing and construction product range they also have a plethora of other products including hot and cold water plumbing, soil, waste and vent Plumbing, uPVC Sewer & Drainage, PE Drainage & Roof Syphonics (Akatherm) and other state of the art products to fulfil clients varied needs.

Civils, irrigation, mining and industrial products

Underneath its Civils, Irrigation, Mining and Industrial Products range Marley Pipe Systems provides wide ranging options from PVC pressure pipes to butt weldings and compression fittings.

Its PVC pressure pipes are state of the art with hydro-wall and aqua-wall which can be specified to pumping mains and reticulation networks. These reliable pressure pipes have been used with great success in civil, purification, irrigation and industrial applications. The application is corrosion resistant with a long, maintenance-free lifespan and boasts excellent flow characteristics.

Folding doors

Marley Pipe Systems also sells folding doors that can be customized to each customer’s standards and needs, through its Marley Folding Doors brand. “These doors bring increased space into your room in an elegant manner and open up fantastic layout possibilities. The choice of design finishes and dimensions are completely unique,” says the company website.

With a number of certificates under its belt, Marley Pipe Systems has been manufacturing SABS approved products for a number of years. It has ISO9001 certificates and has been independently verified by Emex as a Level 6 BBBEE contributor including a 60 per cent BBBEE Procurement Recognition.

The company has extremely high standards for success and within its years of experience has proven to be a mainstay in the pipe reticulation systems industry in South Africa. With its number of ISO9001 certificates, quality products and far reaching branches throughout the country, Marley Pipe Systems has succeeded as one of South Africa’s leading pipe reticulation systems suppliers and manufacturers.


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