Leading SA’s national plastics market

Koogan Plastics, based in Lenasia, South Africa, is a plastics manufacturing company with an almost 30 years history. With head offices south west of South Africa’s industrial capital of Johannesburg, the company has been providing the market with a wide range of plastic products with the best quality in mind.

Koogan Plastics is one of SA’s “Top 300” empowerment companies, because of its contribution to the growth of the economy, job creation and transformation—clearly something to be proud of as the company attracts customers.

Current customers include SA’s biggest food, ice cream, paint and chemical companies. In order to serve these clients, Koogan operates a national distribution network that includes warehousing and distribution centres in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

In addition, the company recently started offering engineering division services to the wider public, as a value-add above and beyond their products.
The company has diversified operations into three conversion processes, namely:

Film Blowing – for the production of Flexible Packaging
Injection Moulding – for the production of Rigid Packaging

Koogan Plastics are experts in rigid and flexible packaging. The company offers many different types of plastic rigid containers, and produces these through and injection moulding process. Products include:
Ice cream tubs range

Koogan’s range of ice cream tubs is suitable for freezer applications, providing high impact performance at sub-zero temperatures. They can be used for ice cream, peanut butter, dairy and various other foods, and have good stacking ability and nesting.

Flexitub range
A general purpose transparent range which provides shelf-appeal.
General purpose buckets

A time tested and proven product range which has been used successfully in various industries and applications.
Flexi Econo ® range

A versatile and cost-effective range with an ideal balance between cost and performance. Suitable for various industries. Has excellent sub-zero impact resistant properties.Flexi Performance ® range

A high performance thick-walled range suitable for packaging high value or premium products. Suitable for various industries. Has excellent sub-zero impact resistant properties.FlexiCan ® range

A range developed primarily for the paint and chemicals industries, but successfully used in other industries as well. Has good top-loading strength (stacking ability) and good impact resistance.

Koogan performs a process called Film Blowing in order to create its line of flexible packaging products. Flexible products are typically extruded and then transformed from raw material into rolls of plastics, which are then decorated or printed on, and cut into sheets or bags.
The company’s line of flexible packaging products covers various market segments such as food and confectionary, dairy, pharmaceutical, agricultural, chemical and others.

Decorating options include line work, process, and half tone (photographic quality printing).

The company offers the following under its flexible line of products:

Speciality Films and Laminates
High quality films and laminates thereof which include materials such as BOPP, PET, LDPE and others. Decorating options include photographic quality printing. Supplied in various forms, including rolls (for form fill and seal applications), bags.
LDPE Films
Monolayer LDPE film in clear or colour, for various industries. Suitable for food packaing. Supplied in various forms, including rolls (for form fill and seal applications), bags, sheeting, tubing and shrink film.
Recycling and engineering

Koogan Plastics, in the spirit of diversifying, has a recycling facility for converting printed or plain plastic production waste into palletized form for re-processing. Materials include HDPE, LDPE, and LLDPE. The plant is equipped with degassing facilities for solvent and ink extraction on heavily printed materials which enhances the quality of the palletized product.

The company, as mentioned earlier, has also extended its engineering services to the public. Koogan staff have over 10 years of experience in the area, and have a fully equipped engineering workshop. The company specializes in precision million, turning, and grinding, and also does repairs to injection moulds. In addition, they perform tool and die making and have complete CNC facilities.

Overall, Koogan Plastics strives to be “the leading company in the packaging industry providing the highest quality product at the most competitive price through leading technology.” And with a high quality product and wide regional foothold, Koogan Plastics is set to stay a leader for years to come.


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