Detpak brings world-class paper packing solutions to South Africa
“Paper or plastic?”  Detpak SA is creating a consumer world where that will no longer be a question. The company’s world-class paper and board packaging solutions and world class design and printing services and Detpak, a member of the Detmold Packaging Group, was formed in 1981 to answer the pressing need for presence in the foodservice industry. The company expanded to Australia and Singapore, followed by Asia, China and the Middle East, expanding in to the South African market in the early 2000s. Through the years, Detpak has become synonymous with quality and branding in the paper packaging industry, with specialty packaging products.

Having settled into the South African market, Detpak has capitalised on the zeitgeist of the popularity of local quick service restaurant market. With consumers being as pressed for time as ever and the influx of tourist for the 2010 World Cup, the need for disposable paper products is at its greatest heights. This conversion in consumer behaviour provides the perfect market for the range of paper products that Detpak produces internationally and have been able to introduce to the growing SA market.

“In the past two years, Detpak has more than doubled its size in terms of turnover and in terms of local manufacturing capacity,” explains Tiff Whitehouse, General Manager of Detpak.

“With the recent exposure we have had with the World Cup, become more exposed to these types of eating habits. The take-away culture and take-away type of eating pattern has been artificially accelerated over the past few years which has provided a very big growth in the market and fundamental shift in the market,” he continues.

Think of every possible use for paper packaging when you enter a grocer, and Detpak has thought of it first. Coffee cups, cartons, trays, bags, napkins, wraps, paper plates, even those clever take-away boxes—Detpak is proud to offer the complete range in recyclable and reusable and premium quality paper.

“Part of our success is the wide range and we are able to offer the cup, the paper package to put the pastry, cake box poly or decomposable to take that cake house so you can really do a lot of your shopping in Detpak,” explains Whitehouse.

Detpak recently invested and successfully commissioned the production of a capacity for local waxed wrap, which is “where essentially, the  application of a parathion wax unto tissue paper which is a substitute for poly-lined cartons for take-away food.” It has enjoyed a very enthusiastic response of for both its cost and for environmentally friendliness.

The future of packaging

Whitehouse has obviously given a great deal of thought to the future of paper products, and it is evident also that Detpak products are good for more than the bakery. “The lovely thing about paper is it is biodegradable and recyclable,” he says. “If you plant a tree, the tree essentially takes carbon from the atmosphere and is later returned to the ground where it decomposes, so essentially it is a carbon neutral process.

So maybe we can have our cake and eat it too! With Detpak’s global team in the supporting role, Detpak SA is able off superior packaging solutions with no sacrifice to style and form. The Detpak client may have considered initially, or perhaps it was a happy afterthought, the value-add of the aesthetic and quality of Detpak products, but there is no questioning the thought and consideration paid to this by the company.

Ostensibly, Detpak packaging solutions double as a creative and end-user marketing device, a billboard masquerading as a container. The packaging presents the client with an opportunity to create designs to highlight their product. In fact, the only opportunity to brand a coffee is when it is in their cup in their hand and they are drinking it. We do offer than solution not only in the cups but in the bags where the bag becomes a moving billboard walking around with your brand on it, unlike a bag that doesn’t hold its form as isn’t as striking when you hold it. So there is very much a brand enhancement throughout the range.

“It is wonderful to be in the position where we have very strong principle and shareholder support, where we do provide solutions to leading brands around the world and there is a wealth of support and  product development innovation that comes as part of that major group,” shares Whitehouse. The diversity of the group incorporates the boutique, industrial, retail shopper bag sector, as well as providing lovely solutions and product growth in the take away and traditional paper bags. Detpak is very much part of a bigger picture for the future of SA paper packaging.

Whitehouse sums it up best: “Our hopes and aspirations are to really contribution to the ‘greening’ of the Africa environment by providing the Sub-Saharan sector with a nice, disposable convenient packaging solution.”


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