Designing and manufacturing the best of mining processing plants

From a state-of-the-art 22,000 square metre factory in Klerksdorp, South Africa, Bond Equipment designs and manufactures equipment used in mineral process plants such as diamond and coal processing plants. In a region rich with resources and founded on gold, Bond Equipment is a valuable part of the African Economy and a “one stop shop” for mineral processing. This month, The African Business Journal explores this important industry leader.

Bond Equipment is an expert in the field and hasmore than 46 years of valuable experience. Bond Equipment is able to offer a variety of diamond and mineral processing-related equipment including rotary screens, jumbo DMS plants, X-Ray sort houses, mobile DMS plants, pan washing plants, diamond plant layout, scrubbers and screens, and underground trackless equipment.

The company specializes in Mobile D.M.S. Plants (Dense Medium Separation or S.G. Separation) from 10 T.P.H. through to 300 T.P.H. plants, providing clients with high quality reliable plants from R.O.M. screening through to scrubbing,  working to S.G. separation and through to final recovery.

Expertise with diamond plants

One particular area of expertise for Bond Equipment is its diamond plants, which are highly respected in the industry. Bond Equipment has notable experience in the Alluvial Diamond Mining Industry, but is a highly capable industry leader for all kinds of diamond plants. As previously mentioned, Bond Equipment specialises in mobile D.M.S plants, which provide a unique and effective perspective for diamond processing. Final recovery for diamonds is done with X-ray and D.M.S. technology.

X-ray scanners are utilized for diamond concentrates and washed tailings that are taken from the earth.  The mobile X-Ray diamond sorting station comes fully equipped with everything from material preparation to four classification size. DMS Technology comes fully assembled and tested before it is sent to valued clients.

Bond Equipment prides itself on always maintaining the highest in safety standards. It currently applies extremely high quality assurance and control principles and is ISO 9002 rated, a testament to its commitment to safety.

Trackless off-road technology

Bond Equipment utilizes trackless off-road technology, the very speciality of Anchises—a company it works with regularly. The company manufactures underground loaders (LHDs) with capacities ranging from 1.5 to six cubic metres and underground dump trucks with capacities ranging from 10 to 25 tonnes.

The company also has its own patented oil-cooled multi-disc brake system, and currently, Anchises is the only company in China who has the professional expertise and authority to develop, manufacture, and market this unique technology in China.

Other important equipment utilized by Bond Equipment is the AJK-12 UG Dump Truck, which the website states is “the perfect choice for the small-scale underground development work for mines and construction sites.” Bond Equipment also uses an ACY-4 Diesel UG Loader for transporting excavated rock.

Personalized project specifications

Bond Equipment commences each and every project with a personalized approach and all individualized products are made according to spec. Bond Equipment is tailorized for all of its valued clients, and built to ensure that equipment lasts as long as possible. This has been a successful method in both attracting and retaining its substantial customer base. Today Bond Equipment is shipped not only in Africa but all over the world to leading mining companies.

Experts of engineering

Bond Equipment prides itself on having an expert staff of engineers who specialize in mobility of plants. Bond only hires the best of the business to work on its team and encourages clients to collaborate whenever possible.

According to the company corporate video on the website, it is “the people behind the machinery—that’s what makes the difference at Bond.” This importance on the human side as well as the technical will ensure the Bond Equipment has a long and lustrous future in the diamond and mineral processing plant business.

Bond Equipment is always focused on R&D for new minerals and different processes beyond the standard equipment and processes that it offers. It is this kind of notion that proves to us at The African Business Journal that Bond Equipment is truly an industry leader.


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