Logical Logistics

With a modern and constantly-monitored fleet, transportation experts Massyn Vervoer is bringing its demanding customers from across South Africa the service they require to operate their businesses effectively.

As one of the nation’s leading transporters of construction material, Massyn Vervoer is playing an important role in keeping the South African construction running.

From its offices and depot in Witbank, Mpumalanga, the company transports a broad range of materials, but has a core focus on construction material logistics.

The company has a fleet of state-of-the-art, well-maintained vehicles supported by a 24/7 logistics department, which means it is able to ensure that it always knows where its customer’s freight is.

By ensuring it maintains a strong product and service delivery record, the company is heading towards its target of becoming a major player within South Africa’s transport industry, despite the economic difficulties all African companies are facing up to.

“It’s not an easy industry at this time and it’s quite difficult as everybody thinks that once you’ve got a truck on the road you make a lot of money, but that’s simply not the case at this stage,” says marketing director Bernard Massyn.

“Another key issue we’re facing is in staffing,” he notes. “There are not as many good, adequate drivers available as there once was and also our customers are getting much more demanding than they perhaps were five or six years ago.

“Customers are demanding faster delivery times and booking times are becoming ever tighter.

“There’s no space for error or anything that can go wrong; whether it is road closures, breakdowns, or any kind of delay, there’s simply no space for delays,” he adds.

Fleet of fancy

With a modern fleet comprising more than 45 trucks, ranging from taut liners to tankers and flat decks to side tippers, the firm is able to offer a wide range of logistical solutions to its industrious clientele.

“We cover the whole of South Africa and as a 24-hour operation we have a control room tracks all of our trucks and follows up and sorts out everything that goes along with the logistics of our operation,” remarks Massyn.

The company moves all types of goods and materials across the country including a broad range of building supplies to fast moving goods and clothes.

“I would say 50 per cent of our carrying is building material, and that includes anything from timber and brick, to cement and tiles,” says Massyn.

But despite its ability to provide a wide range of logistical solutions, problems for the company come from its ability to find quality staff.

“Staffing is becoming more of a problem for our industry — especially when it comes to finding quality drivers,” says Massyn.

“We conduct training with all our drivers once they start with the company and once every year they are re-evaluated by a drivers association, and therefore we do try to train the drivers and get to as high a level as possible.”

A family affair

The company was originally established as Lowveld Warehousing in 1984, before becoming SA Transit Services in 1985 during a period of operational expansion.

At the turn of the millennium the company began to experience a greater demand for long-distance haulage, which lead to a further name change to the current company name Massyn Vervoer and a further expansion of its operations.

Each department within the company is run by a different member of the Massyn family.

“Like everybody else, we do have our family squabbles once in a while, but working with close relations works really well because everybody knows what everyone else is doing,” he remarks.

Massyn Vervoer close-nit managerial team works to ensure a combination of well-maintained vehicles, on-time deliveries and constant communication with its customer, is setting it apart from its competition.

“We speak to our customers almost 24-7 and we speak to our customers about anything they need to know,” remarks Massyn.

Since the time of the final name change the company has shifted its focus towards long-haul projects, sending bigger and faster vehicles on to the roads of South Africa.

Its drivers are handpicked and are given periodic training and testing to ensure that they are up to date with new rules, regulations and vehicle technology.

From its dedicated control room the company is able to monitor its fleet throughout the years.

The control team monitors all of the company’s vehicles on the road through a C-Track Surveillance system, which pinpoints the exact location and speed at which the vehicles are travelling.

The controllers stay in constant contact with all of the firm’s drivers, providing them with GPS co-ordinates and ensuring the driver and the cargo they are carrying remain safe.

All of Massyn Vervoer’s vehicles have been fitted with DriveCam camera systems, allowing its controllers a real time look into the cabin of its trucks and a driver view of the road.

Flourishing flotilla

Massyn Vervoer is looking at expansion and is planning to add an additional five to 10 vehicles to its fleet.

“It depends on what concepts are on their way in now, but at this stage we’re looking at adding an additional 10 vehicles for the New Year,” reveals Massyn.

With more vehicles soon to enter service, things are looking up for the South African delivery specialists and with the company’s broad focus, Massyn believes the firm stands apart from its competitors.

“I think there are a lot of guys that only focus on one specific type of transport such as bulk or flat-decks, but we are quite open-minded to everything,” he says. “If there’s a contract available and it’s worthwhile, we will do it, and that is not really an attitude we will shy away from.”

A strong commitment to its clients and a willingness to go beyond basic customer service is helping Massyn Vervoer towards its target of becoming one of South Arica’s leading transportation names.


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