The inaugural edition of the IT Infrastructure Summit (ITI) follows in the wake of the popular IT Leaders Africa Summit. The ITI Summit will be hosted on the 18th and 19th August, 2011 at the Westin Grand Hotel in Cape Town.

IT Infrastructure challenges facing a developing African continent has always been a heated topic amongst IT leaders as the chief hindrance preventing business in Africa from catching up to that of first world nations. The ITI Summit will address how these challenges can be overcome through innovation, alignment of business with technology and the positive influence of active government participation through innovative workshops, case studies and CIO led keynotes.

Confirmed speakers represent CIOs, Government officials and senior IT infrastructure heads from all major industries – they will address topics such as; the challenges of broadband infrastructure in Africa, mobility as an alternative to overcome poor infrastructure, service continuity and what the fallback plan is if infrastructure goes down?

The format of the event is a combination of workshops, one on one business meetings and interactive CIO led keynote sessions. The workshops are interactive and focused on meeting IT infrastructure business needs while the one on one business meetings are designed to connect senior IT decision makers.

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