It is with immense pleasure I present to you the September issue of The African Business Journal.

It may be difficult to sense my jubilation on paper, but I assure you I am thrilled to be on board as the new editor of this reputable publication.

To quote one of my interviewees, “The strategy is Africa. This is the next frontier after Asia is starting to get saturated. Africa is it and we have the opportunity.”

With all the companies we’ve interviewed this issue that seems to be the overwhelming sentiment; Africa is the new frontier and the continent is brimming with opportunities across all industry sectors, including renewable energy.

That’s what we focus on in our cover story this month. With over one billion people living in Africa and only four per cent of the world’s energy being generated on the continent, it’s no real shock that Africa is facing an energy crisis. Ignited by United States’ secretary of state, Hillary Clinton’s, tour across Africa last month and the announcement that the U.S. would be loaning $2 billion to South Africa towards renewable energy projects involving American companies, we wanted to go in depth with what this means for Africa and where some of the renewable energy opportunities lie across the dynamic continent.

We also examine the innovative world of robotics at a university in Ghana, enjoy a wrap up of the London 2012 Olympics celebrating some of Africa’s most exciting moments, and offer you our monthly dose of business etiquette, this time focusing on how to avoid procrastination. As always, we have a wide variety of company profiles including one that was instrumental in moulding what project management in the construction industry looks like today in South Africa, the leading retail property manager in Malawi, as well as a delectable taste of paradise through a marina development in the Seychelles.

Most importantly, we want to hear from you. I encourage you to engage with our conversations online on Twitter (@AfricanBJournal) or via email. We want to tell your stories because knowledge shared is knowledge gained.

I hope you enjoy this issue,

Anastasia Tubanos


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