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Hi folks,

I hope you are enjoying a fulfilling summer so far. Assuming you are, here’s another ray of sunshine—a new edition of The African Business Journal.

The front cover subtly suggests that something big with a strange-shaped ball is afoot. Yes, Rugby Union World Cup fever is spreading. Crunching tackles, steaming scrums, phenomenal footwork and try line high jinks are the order of the day—why, you can almost smell the antiseptic spray!

To celebrate the occasion I’m  going to look wistfully back at tournaments gone by, while also forensically dissecting the most threatening teams at this year’s jamboree.

Also, as the paint  dries on goalposts in preparation for the new season, we take a look at African footballers who hope to add some sparkle to the frantic cauldron of the English  Premier League.

This month’s edition is further proof that the African economy is enjoying a renaissance, with many industries experiencing a gradual change of fortune,  after some difficult months. The companies we’re profiling cover practically every walk of life from properties and gardening to electronics and carbonated drinks.  We also take a look at mining (naturally), cotton, fruit, motor vehicles and many other industries to boot.

In addition, we have the next in our series of Poprica  (checking out more African influenced music) and a study of how water shortages may cause the next major war.

Before I dash, I must also alert you to an  exclusive interview with a chap who has been teaching business studies in Egypt. Not only has he been changing young lives for the better, but there has also  been the small matter of a revolution to deal with.

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