As you might have discerned from our cover this month, Zambia is big in news headlines right now and big for TABJ too. Our cover story is a full throttle look at the telecom industry in this growing country, and we’ve heard on the wire that the industry is going to see a boom with the recent privatization of Zamtel.

We were lucky enough to get input from sources closest to the privatization, namely, Zambia President Rupiah Bwezani Banda, and Andrew Chipwende from the Zambian Development Agency—both of whom were very gracious with their input into our story.

Of course, we’re not just looking at telecom this month. We’re also looking at construction, transportation, and manufacturing, which are all growing industries in Africa. We’re also excited to give you a preview of the AVEX air show, coming up in November!

Before I forget, let me formally introduce our new Associate Editor Lena Vazifdar. Welcome Lena! We know there are companies out there run by successful entrepreneurs who want to share their stories, and we want to hear them! So send your comments and feedback to

Sara Kopamees