A lot of people talk about the Millennium Development Goals, aimed at tackling poverty throughout the world today—but where does Africa stand? As many of our exciting companies this issue both demonstrate and testify: Africa’s business climate is heating up. Just ask Investec Asset Management, who stopped by to talk about us why Africa is an investor’s top option. Or look more closely at Ohorongo Cement, paving the way for new builds of all sorts in this fair continent. Then we have MSP Developments, crafting homes and properties to house our ever growing communities, commercial needs and more.

We have a lot of other varied and exciting companies to call on for backing as we look at how all things business in Africa are improving today, including Digby Wells, whose tireless efforts to provide environmental services ‘to move from the world we live in, to the world we seek’ is working to preserve our world famous landscapes and support the resources industry.

This issue’s conglomeration of entirely different companies represents the Africa that will see development grow into 2011. And all of these companies have one thing in common: a unique and customer-tailored approach. To talk more about any of these, drop me a line today!

Sara Kopamees


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