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Hello, good evening and, above all, welcome,

As we accelerate into new and dazzlingly futuristic realms, it feels strangely reassuring to call myself the editor of a digital publication (I’ve been called worse, believe me). Increasingly I see people stroking away at their tablets and think to myself, yeah, I’m surfing the wave of a revolution here. By the very act of skimming over my carefully chosen words, reader, you are a small part of publishing history—a tiny but noticeable blip on the evolutionary scale.

This is the future, folks, and although I will always love the feeling of paper against my fingers on a Sunday morning (so to speak), I realise that touch screen and high-res screens are finally realising their potential; changing the way we read forever. My mum’s got a Kindle and so has yours; need I say more?

In this month’s all-electronic, body-popping, cyber-tastic edition of TABJ, I’ll be donning the trusty agent provocateur raincoat and explaining my argument for mining. There will also be an opportunity for you to share your mining experiences and opinions.

Other features include a South African mining special report, a whistle-stop tour of South Africa’s favourite regional snacks and a fascinating item by South African Association of Freight Forwarders CEO, David Logan.

Meanwhile, the cover story invites you into the mysterious world of gold. I take a look at what makes gold so hopelessly desirable, chat to Sven Lunsche from Gold Fields and listen to a wise old North African gold miner from ‘the good old days’.

There’s also the usual eclectic compilation of movers, shakers and hip swingers from the business community. Captivating company profiles come from all manner of industries including property development, electrical construction, private healthcare, boat building and, the coup de grâce… eggs!

On that bombshell, I’m signing off. Toodle-oo,



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