Change and continuity Welcome to the May edition of The African Business Journal (TABJ). You may notice a few changes in the journal this month, not least that the editor is not as bearded. The fabulously fun John Pinching has sadly left us but I am delighted to be on board as the new editor of TABJ.

So while there may be a change of editors, I can promise you that a number of things won’t change. TABJ will continue to give you the best, most accurate and focused business news. We will continue to be cheerleaders for African business, highlighting impressive commercial successes from across the continent – and signposting potholes where we can.

The regional forecast from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicts that the sub- Saharan economy will grow at 5.75% this year, a tremendous feat given that global growth is only predicted to hover around the 3.5% mark. This sluggish global picture may well affect demand for exports, causing a knock-on effect in the region and slowing down expansion. But let’s not get too gloomy because back in March the news of Tanzania’s gas discovery naturally boosted the shares of exploration partners BG and Ophir Energy. Our cover story this issue draws on the expertise of Noah Greenhill, formerly of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) and now head of corporate finance at Sasfin Capital, who spoke to us about why investment in exploration with junior miners needn’t be a minefield (excuse the pun, just couldn’t resist).

We also have a number of stories showing the innovation, potential and expansion in industries as diverse as transport, property, retirement homes, shipping, construction and healthcare. There are many incredibly positive tales to tell about African business and we intend to tell them. Do connect with us on Twitter (@africanbjournal) so we can keep you up-todate on what’s happening.

Until next time,

Tania Ahsan



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