This month the TABJ team is tackling the topic of responsible Relocation Action Plans (RAPs), which are developed when mining companies are considering the displacement of communities in order to facilitate their businesses. Our cover story focuses on a range of socially responsible companies that have made a major mark in Africa, including Randgold Resources and Goldfields.

In keeping with a theme of social responsibility, this month we’ve also spoken with the founders behind the Koinonia Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Rwanda with goals of modernizing education through renewable energy sources.

Our profiles this month cover an expansive range of companies, including African Minerals, a company seeing great success working on major iron ore projects in Sierra Leone, and Botswanabased Analytika Holdings, who handles major coal projects. We’ve also spoken with the Johannesburg Property Company who is working on a number of major developments for the city of Johannesburg, and Lemay, a major player in South Africa’s property, painting and renovations industry.

We’ve really enjoyed speaking to all of our companies this month and learning about the exciting projects they are undertaking. At TABJ we understand how each company big or small is integral in the development of Africa, and we hope you enjoy the issue. It is our pleasure to bring to you company stories that bring so much to African economic expansion.

Sara Kopamees


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