There is, on my desk, a bouquet of yellow and pink tulips—a sign of spring. Much of the world celebrated Easter last week or at least enjoyed the holiday, as did we. Inspired by the time of year, our thoughts turn to regeneration and growth.

The theme of this issue of TABJ is agriculture. In Left in the Dust, we discuss the agricultural revolution, and examine lessons from India and Asia’s rise from low food supplies to global exporters of rice. Could investment in the same technology and infrastructure help assuage Africa’s—specifically sub-Saharan— vulnerability to famine?

We also speak with Michael Mailloux who runs a consulting business which has had tremendous success in educating local farmers on conservative farming techniques. The benefits of these techniques stretch far beyond the farm and into the community in terms of labour costs, production and sustainability.

We had the pleasure of speaking to a variety of business leaders the continent over, and found it interesting to note the commonalities and differences between successful businesses. One such interview was with the team at Equatorial Palm Oil, who are on the verge of production in a burgeoning industry in Liberia.

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Sara Kopamees


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