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Howdy folks,

Welcome to another moving, shaking, bodypopping, mind-bending, triple espresso-consuming, flag-waving, peacefully-demonstrating, friendly neighbourhood edition of TABJ. All your wildest business-related dreams in one electronic and digitally enhanced thoroughbred. What could be more virtually exhilarating? The answer is nothing (not within this context, at any rate).

This issue starts—as any worthwhile publication should—with tea, biscuits and a chat with South African Paint Manufacturers Association luminary Deryck Spence. If you’ve ever wondered how the myriad shades of paint currently decorating the abundance of new buildings across the continent are regulated, ponder no longer—you’re about to find out.

After that decorative aperitif, your stimulation will continue with the second instalment of our secret diary of a small business. This month Jen— our intrepid entrepreneurial first timer—gains the confidence to reveal her idea to friends and gets inspiration from Mark Twain (the ground-breaking writer, not one of her friends).

The next desert island of knowledge and curiosity will invite you on a whistle-stop tour of South Africa’s diverse wine landscape.

Then and only then, dear reader, will you swim ashore to the mainland of company features. This month the raft of enlightening shanties come from the mining, food production, services, engineering, energy and, of course, haulage industries.

Until next time, goodnight and, above all, thank you,


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