George Media is proud to showcase the inaugural issue of The African Business Journal. This monthly B2B publication will bring to the forefront leaders and innovators that run the gamut of industries across Africa.

So let’s begin! Our topics this month cover a wide breadth of issues. We were so humbled to be able to speak about risk mitigation with Randgold Resources’ CEO, Mark Bristow, and he certainly knows his game—spending his time travelling the world speaking to CEOs about the power of social investment in tandem with business execution.

We’re also pleased to bring you an indepth analysis on the correlation between Western oil interest and the treatment of the Lockerbie bomber. With the great deal of media attention the issue has drawn, TABJ explains how ideology, politics and special interest influenced the case. In another special report we looked at the contribution of Abbott Labs SA toward the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS and discovered the company’s significant breakthrough in reducing the number of individuals’ resistance to first-line treatment.

And, of course, how could we not join the conversation about the FIFA World Cup, 2010? Only three months away, we discuss the potential long and short-term impacts of the games on SA.

We’ve also published several feature profiles on exemplary business leaders across all regions of Africa, and with that we hope you enjoy our first issue and become regular readers. If you have something to say, or have company news to share, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line at

Sara Kopamees


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