It’s hard to believe the 2010 FIFA World Cup is only a few weeks away—29 days, to be exact. South Africa is a seasoned international sporting events host, but the football World Cup, the biggest international sporting event after the Olympics, is in a class all its own. With a television audience of billions and an estimated 3 million visitors, the world will be visiting South Africa in June. And extensive preparations have been made. Football fans will enjoy the multi-billion rand worth of infrastructure projects recently completed in anticipation of the beautiful game. We can hardly wait.

In keeping with the world coming to Africa this month, TABJ explores the changing face of foreign investment in the continent, specifically China’s ignited push for African minerals and oil and gas. In Sino-Symbiosis, we dissect the benefits and caveats of the new China-Africa era and highlight the massive influx of Chinese investment dispersed throughout Africa.

Then we turn our eyes inward at more of Africa’s finest businesses, such as Baroque Medical, whose Johannesburg-based training facility is helping patients across southern Africa. With so much to be proud of, we hope you find time to enjoy this issue between qualifying rounds!

Sara Kopamees