The world has had its eyes on Africa this month, and we’ve been right there to bring you the latest. This month in TABJ, we address the situation in Libya and how the country is facing the pressing question: can oil trade help the country end its conflict? We highlight some of the biggest political and economic events that have happened this year, and what the future of oil trading might look like. We also look at ethical clothing production and what it means now to be involved in tourism in Egypt.

It is important to take note that the World Economic Forum of Africa took place May 4, and many lessons can be learned from the discussions country leaders and industry experts took part in. The way the world views Africa will significantly affect future investment and economic growth. We will continue to feature the brightest and best companies in the continent, including this month: Cape Fruit Processors, Marley Pipe Systems, and Rani Resorts. These companies are contributing to the health of Africa’s current and future economy.

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