To quote the interviewee of our cover story: “Africa will be the next birth place for innovation and the hub for world renowned tech companies.”

That was Claude Migisha, the general manager of kLab, a technology incubator for startups and entrepreneurs in Rwanda, and his statement embodies a sentiment that truly has been trending in Africa. Between international mobile giants like Orange and BlackBerry putting Africa near the top of their growth strategies; to the latest futuristic ICT hubs, like Kenya’s Konza Techno City and Ghana’s Hope City, emerging across the continent; to competitions like Orange African Social Venture Prize, DEMOAfrica and more increasingly encouraging Africans to create African solutions to African problems, Migisha isn’t alone in believing Africa has the potential to be a global leader in technology and innovation.

This month we look at Technology and Innovation on the continent and we truthfully just scratch the surface in this issue as there are so many inspiring stories to tell.

Our cover story comes from Justine Abigail Yu, a freelance writer and communications coordinator for Operation Groundswell, who was traveling through East Africa when she stopped by in kLabs to explore Kigali’s hottest tech hub.

And our TABJ Q&A profiles Jason J. Drew the co-founder of AgriProtein, which won top spot at the 2013 Innovation Prize for Africa. Now AgriProtein is REALLY an out-of-the-box concept, albeit a little stomach-turning. It uses waste organic matter and fly larvae to produce natural animal feed. The team received US $100,000 for its innovative approach to nutrient recycling and Drew took a moment to tell us, in his own words, why AgriProtein is an ideal and sustainable solution to boost much needed growth in Africa’s food industry.

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I hope you enjoy this issue,

Anastasia Tubanos


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