The world is watching: it’s soccer time. Yes, George Media is gearing up for the pandemonium that is the World Cup! And to start things off, we’ve got a brief rundown this month about the sport’s history. But before we go on, we must remind that not everything in this issue of TABJ is fun and games (thought we’d prefer to just sit back and enjoy the Cup, we’ve got some other business too!)

This month’s cover deals with one really big (and I mean stadium size) political and business issue: piracy. Piracy affects countries, business, and above all, people, and there needs to be a stop to it. In this feature we delve into the ramifications and possible outcomes of piracy. With so much going on in sports, all eyes will be on Africa—and so what better time to address this issue. With that, we invite you to read on, and send us your comments and feedback.

Until next month,

Sara Kopamees


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