First off, best wishes for the New Year from all of us at TABJ. Jumping into January, we can already see it will be fruitful year for TABJ and African business.

Our cover story on the Nile river valley, one of earth’s most precious resources, and the agreement that needs to take place between its surrounding countries is one to note. With only five out of 10 countries signing the agreement on how to share and protect water, such a vital resource, many countries are facing challenges like drought and extreme poverty. This story proves to be a topical and important one on the African landscape as of late.

This month we spoke with GVEP, a non-profit organization that implements clean energy to Africa, providing B2B solutions to small companies throughout the continent. A definite organization to take notice of that is making a difference in the energy and business sector in Africa.

We’ve profiled a long list of great companies this month that further explore Africa’s business realm in the New Year. Among these companies are Bomar projects with its upscale underground mining projects; as well as the independent owner managed construction company, Semane, and Ken Afric, one of Africa’s major retailers in the sweets, footwear and food items. All of these companies are making a valuable contribution to Africa’s business communities and we will see great things from them. Other companies we interviewed this month are Stefanutti Stocks—a mainstay in the African marine construction sector and Pretoria Eye Institute which is South Africa’s first private disciplinary ophthalmology clinic.

Throughout 2010 we’ve been thrilled to have profiled hundreds of wonderful companies that exemplify Africa’s success economically throughout the year and the varied businesses that the country encompasses. At TABJ, we foresee 2011 to be an even more successful year and look forward to bringing you, our readers, the up-and-coming business news and issues that will shape the year to come.

Sara Kopamees


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