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Hello folks and, depending on when you’re reading this, Merry Christmas/Happy New Year/Hope you’re enjoying being back at work/What are you wearing?!,

This mighty fine, slightly festive and log-fireheated edition of TABJ starts—as the cover’s industrious ‘wall’ so brilliantly suggests—with an exclusive interview, and the person in the hot seat is Corporate Research Foundation (CRF) visionary Sam Crous.

We discuss how the organisation is helping employers and employees throughout South Africa to achieve their full potential. She also talks candidly about how exciting it is to work in such a vibrant economy.

There are plenty of other beautifully-wrapped festive treats underneath the tinsel-draped boughs of the TABJ tree, including another brutally honest sports report from our man in Africa and an update on the unstable political situation in Cairo.

Also, as we sprint towards the start of the greatly-anticipated London 2012 Olympics, TABJ attempts to keep pace with Africa’s gold medal contenders.

In addition, we take a look at how Food & Trees for Africa (FTFA) is combining with Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) in an effort to galvanise carbon neutrality initiatives.

As indicated in the CRF interview, the South African business landscape is buoyant, versatile and thoroughly looking forward to a fruitful New Year. Our compendium of company features certainly reflects this optimism, with contributions from the construction, mining, transport and investments industries.

It only remains for us to venture into the hitherto unchartered territory of 2012. Who knows what the constantly exciting and unpredictable African economic landscape has in store for us next? Whatever happens, TABJ will continue to proudly bring you the most comprehensive news, features and company profiles in the business.

As always, great talking to you,



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