Innovative: a word that, by definition means new, original, more dynamically or groundbreaking.

We are approaching our first anniversary of The African Business Journal (a date to celebrate our own pioneering), and with this milestone upon us, it is appropriate that we are profiling so many great and innovative businesses in this February issue of TABJ.

As industry in Africa continues to flourish, we’re giving you an inside look at companies who are worth the moniker, such as Swartland Doors and Windows, Carbon Programmes, and Lesedi Drilling.

We’re updating you on other noteworthy developments in Africa such as the presence of BEE in mining in South Africa, and what Fairtrade has come to mean to people in business. Fairtrade and BBBEE are interconnected, playing a specific role in improving the position of historically disadvantaged people in South Africa due to apartheid.

Every year, the number of businesses using Fairtrade increases, making the cause for fair labour practices heard and supported around the world.

On the technology front, our editors review ground-breaking products like the iPhone and the trusty Blackberry—deciphering which tool is really best for business users.

Finally, we have the controversial topic of debt-relief for our cover—you know this one will play into political and social debates in the year to come.

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Sara Kopamees


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