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Well folks, it’s here and in full swing. The year of our Lord, 2012!

It looks, visually at least, remarkably similar to 2011. Nevertheless, this year promises to be one of love, joy, ambition, a revitalised economy, entrepreneurship and a certain athletics jamboree. Wow, that’s a lot of promise.

Continuing the theme of unbridled optimism, this month’s bountiful edition of TABJ includes some pleasantly uplifting features. Top of the bill is a candid chat with The Western Cape’s Minister of Education, Donald Grant. He enthuses about the new cutting edge schools which are providing better prospects to thousands of pupils in the region.

We’ve also got a small business focus, which includes an interview with Humane Homes—a small company that has emerged from the turbulence of the financial downturn, while getting noticed for its innovative approach to housing. The section also features the first in a series of columns from Jen Smit, a young entrepreneur hoping to start her own company. She will take us on every tentative step of her courageous journey through the unpredictable, but endlessly fascinating terrain of new business.

As the political climate in parts of Africa reaches volcanic temperatures we also look at the candidacy of singer Youssou N’Dour, who is hell-bent on becoming the next president of his native Senegal.

In addition to the usual honeypot of news, TABJ’s hive of company profiles will include buzzing companies from the education, healthcare, tourism, retail, property and mining sectors.

Having exhausted that analogy, I must fly,

Bee cool,

John ‘the sting’ Pinching


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