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Hello again folks,

Welcome to the April edition of TABJ and what a delightful instalment of our periodical it is too. We deploy the first party popper in honour of a man without whom this publication would probably look very different.

The person in question is—as the front cover so eloquently suggests—Mr. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. I’ll be honest, dear reader, I simply could not hold out for another two years before looking back on Mandela’s inauguration in 1994, so forgive me if ‘18 year anniversary special’ sounds a little premature. I make no apologies, however, as the assembled stories from some of the people that lived through it, prove to be as inspirational, fascinating and compelling as the man himself.

Also on the billing is a continuation of the ‘secret diary of a small business’. This month Jen battles through a load of cyber weirdness, as she discoverers that naming a company can leave you shouting f numbers at your keyboard.

We also have the brutally honest thoughts of the Cape Crusader, as he looks forward to a new era for the Springboks, while affectionately eye-gauging a few former loved ones.

Meanwhile, a controversial look at the ANC’s continued reign, ethics and practices is sure to ruffle a few feathers as South Africa’s political journey reaches a crossroads.

As usual we have got a veritable orchestra of features from the companies making sweet music across the continent. This month’s melody makers come from the retail, healthcare, mining, paper, freight and property industries.

More proof that Africa is fast becoming the most versatile and exciting business platform in the known universe.

See you soon,



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