Maintaining sustainable, organic and quality growth

Canon Chemicals Ltd. of Kenya is now in its fourth year of business, having taken over the operations of United Chemical Industries Ltd. as of 1 January 2010.  United Chemical Industries Limited had been in existence since October 1974.

The company, with about 215 employees in total, has done exceedingly well since taking over the brands of the former UCIL and is located in a central area within Nairobi City. As of now, there are no other regional or local offices, but that is something which could happen as the enterprise expands its base of clientele.

Gurmit Thethy is the head of sales and marketing at Canon Chemicals, joining the team about six months ago, but he’s certainly no stranger to the industry.

“I spent eight years of my career with United Chemical Industries which was the initial brand owner for the products acquired by Canon Chemicals Ltd.,” he begins.

The corporate vision is to attain and maintain sustainable, organic and quality growth.  There are a number of corporate protocols in place to ensure the company stays on track. Thethy mentions that Canon Chemicals works with the 5P ideology:

People: Be a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be.

Portfolio: Bring to the world a portfolio of quality brands that are part of everyday life.

Partners: Cultivate a winning network of customers and suppliers to create mutual and lasting value throughout the supply chain.

Profit: Maximize long-term return to all stakeholders while being mindful of our overall responsibilities.

Productivity: Be a highly effective, efficient, lean and fast-progressing enterprise.

“In addition to the 5P ideology, we look at having regular training and refresher courses with the required people to ensure that the focus on the corporate vision doesn’t fade away or vary in terms of priority levels,” Thethy continues. “We have looked at conducting workshops and trainings for the upgrade of our staff for them to become more self-supportive whereby they are able to make decisions and stand by them which in return fats tracks many if not all processes involved within their set line of duties.”

Thethy firmly subscribes to the theory that the main ingredient for success is ensuring a company such as Canon Chemicals has a well-trained, efficient staff.

“We believe that the best investment a company can make is in its staff/personnel, hence, the employees are taken through a ‘small induction phase’ once they come on board,” he says. “This varies as every department has its own set policy on entry level employment and guidance on other levels. The employees are made to understand their role in the company, how their input affects or relates to other individuals/departments within the company.”

Canon Chemicals sells a wide array of products from general household hygiene to personal beauty and baby care. The products range is as follows: Valon Petroleum Jelly, Valon Baby Jelly, Valon Baby Care, Pride Dish Washing Liquid & Paste, Climax Disinfectant Blocks, Odonil Disinfectant Balls, Supalite Candles, Twilite Candles, Lavik Disinfectant, Peurex Antiseptic and Simba Range of scouring pads and sponges.

“We serve both the residential and commercial markets,” Thethy says. “The diversity of our product range actually fits both the segments very well.”

It’s critical for Thethy and Canon Chemicals that they be aligned with top-quality distributors, who will best serve them in the public realm.

“Currently we have just a selected few business partners that work quite closely with us in ensuring that our products are available at all the main market places.”

The company’s reach is very widespread both regionally and nationally in Kenya. The hope is to expand even further.

“We are having discussions currently with interested customers on an international front on some of our products and in a matter of time the Canon product range will be available internationally as well,” Thethy reveals.

Despite being a new name in the marketplace, Canon Chemicals is already extremely well known, which certainly bodes well for future growth.  It is clear Thethy has a strategic plan that he’s carrying out, and it is working marvellously well as he proudly notes.

“The company has focussed on growth, market presence, brand building and development. Our commitment to manufacture and supply high quality and affordable products remains at the helm of our policy. Pioneered by a young team, we have taken hours of tremendous research and versatility in growing our brands and the company as a whole.”

Thethy also advises there are definitely plans for adding more product lines in the future. These will be an extension and value-add to their existing lines within hygiene and personal/baby care. The plan is to look at developing new products in line with the constantly evolving market trends and dynamics.

Canon Chemicals Ltd is a company that manufactures quality yet affordable products that are part of everyone’s daily life.

“We excel to compete with leading multi-national brands on many products and feel great that as a local company, we are able to give the consumer products that they can relate and associate with at a nominal cost,” Thethy states. “We strive to manufacture and produce items that can keep the well-being of the consumer and environment healthy. Having achieved the Top 100 Mid-Sized Milestone within a short span, which wouldn’t have been possible without the support of each and every consumer and customer of our product range not forgetting our suppliers and other stake holders within the industry, we now look forward to taking the company to the next level.”


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