Building bridges

As one of South Africa’s leading construction groups, and with the capacity to deliver a range of projects in some of Africa’s toughest markets, Stefanutti Stocks is playing a leading role in developing the continent’s infrastructure through its construction expertise.

With more than 12,000 employees on its books and the capacity to deliver a variety of projects across Africa, Stefanutti Stocks (Pty) Ltd is playing a leading role in the transformation taking place across the continent’s construction market.

Constructing connections

This impressive, South-Africa based multi-disciplinary group is aiming to become the preferred construction partner for all of its stakeholders as it establishes a comprehensive track record of industry excellence.

Along with its South African Level 3 B-BBEE contributor accreditation, the group has been awarded a Grade 9 rating from the South African Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB), proving that it has an uncapped capability for bidding and executing projects.

From the construction of a 129-room hotel in Cape Town and improvement work on Bospoort Dam, to the widening of Ben Schoeman Dock, Stefanutti Stocks has been utilising its skills and abilities across a wide range of projects in Southern Africa.

The company has established a presence in Angola, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland and Zambia and, along with its home base of South Africa, has worked in all SADEC countries and has even ventured further north.

On track

In partnership with Stefanutti Stocks Geotechnical, Stefanutti Stocks Civils recently completed a project in remote Sierra Leone to construct three rail bridges.

Tendered to African Minerals Limited, the contract was part of a 120 kilometre railway line project with the aim of transporting iron ore from a mine in the Tonkolili district to the port of Pepel.

The joint venture was completed and handed back to the client on time despite a tight schedule and logistical problems associated with the isolated nature of the project.

A limited geotechnical study was undertaken, which resulted in the decision to installed permanently-encased oscillated piles on two of the bridges, and permanently encase auger piles on the other.

Stefanutti Stocks Geotechnical approached Bauer Germany to supply two BG28 piling rigs and one MC64 crawler crane along with specialised equipment for piling through boulders; equipment that ensured the piling phase of the project was completed successfully and on time.

Two of the bridges, known as Tonkolili and Tabai, consisted of three 22-metre-long spans, while the Rokel Bridge consisted of five 22-metre-long spans.

Taking stock

Another Stefanutti Stocks Structures Business Unit Division, Stefanutti Stocks Marine also secured a marine design and construction contract with its preferred JV partner BAM International from Holland for AML.

This contract involved the design and construction of mooring dolphins, fenders and navigation aids for the Pepel Port offloading facility.  The contract was completed ahead of schedule and facilitated the out-loading of ore on time which was a major achievement for the total project.

According to the company, the single biggest challenge on the project was its remote nature and the resulting logistical challenges associated with it.

Another challenge it was forced to overcome was the annual rainfall Sierra Leone experiences. With two seasons a year rotating between dry and wet conditions, the wet season would end up testing the construction teams to their limits.

Despite restrictions being placed on the schedule of the projects by the wet season, which lasts from July to December, the construction firm was able deliver each of the structures on time within a six-month time frame.


As one of South Africa’s leading construction groups, Stefanutti Stocks is looking to maximise its shareholder value as it aims to build a sustainable business presence in Africa, as well as in targeted international markets.

As a multi-disciplinary construction firm, the company is well positioned to manage a range of projects of any scale, including large-scale building construction, mechanical and electrical power structures, public private partnerships, services for the mining industry, and road and earthworks projects.

On its website the company declares: “We will create a desirable place of work, a natural home for creativity, enthusiasm and personal safety.”

Through its projects, such as the three bridges development undertaken in Sierra Leone, the company has proved time and time again that it is able to deliver on time, even if working under difficult conditions and in remote environments where its construction teams excel under those African conditions they know so well.


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