Southern Pipeline Contractors bring concrete product success to the South African market

This major pre-cast concrete product and pipeline manufacturer has been a quality supplier to the South African marketplace for generations. Southern Pipeline Contractors has been providing South Africa and Africa with state-of-the-art products since its inception in 1965.
Since its beginnings they have seen immense growth. There are now over 300 individuals employed at the company.

Company vision

For Southern Pipeline Contractors, providing products and solutions for the development of infrastructure in South Africa is of utmost importance. The company prides itself on providing the pre-cast concrete framework for important projects and adding to the countries development goals. Southern Pipeline Contractors always complies with the legislation and regulations in place which is for the betterment of the company and the product.

Health and safety is something that is exceedingly important to the company, especially in concern of their employees’ wellbeing. By ensuring safety standards are up to par, they ensure their pipes are also of a level of maximum performance.

The company sees its vision in a number of different ways and is constantly striving to promote its mission of integrity and superior production. It’s not just one factor that makes the company work but many. The vision relies on integrity, professionalism, ambition, responsibility and safety.

The company highlights all of these throughout its products and work ethic. Southern Pipelines Contractors doesn’t just value the work they do and its quality product, but its employees’ well-being and happiness is of utmost importance. The company nurtures its factory staff members with a number of different training programs that not only nurture the employees’ lives outside of work, but help cultivate their craft on the job as well.

The workers in Southern Pipelines Contractors’s factory are trained continuously on important skills. Training in the English language, mathematics and computer literacy are all part of Southern Pipelines Contractors’s training program. This program started in 2003 and each staff member has a personalized training schedule that they follow. Once completion of each level is finished, the employee receives a certificate that is validated by an independent education institute.

Environmental action

Every big company knows that effective waste management practices are the key to protecting the environment. Staying environmentally responsible is important to Southern Pipeline Contractors. They show this commitment through their effective waste management practices for the ultimate prevention of pollution.


Southern Pipeline Contractors has a number of different pipe related products and services that are standouts in the industry.
The company specializes in pre-cast concrete, Spigot & Socket, IWJ pipes, jacking and interlocking concrete pipes and other pre-cast concrete products that are requested by clients. They also work with different types of sacrificial and inner linings.

Another product that Southern Pipelines Contractors proudly provides is absorptive noise barriers. These noise barriers are constructed from wood fibre concrete which is extremely light and full of openings that convert noise into energy. The way that the noise barriers are made is of the highest scientific and innovative standard. They are created from treated wood chips or fibres that are bonded with a cement mixture. All the panels on the products are tailored to be rot proof as well, creating an all-around ideal product.

The noise barriers are tailored to have a high durability and shelf life and they are all SABS tested. They can be made in different colours and shapes to be camouflaged in their surrounds.

The company also makes reflective noise barriers which are distinct from absorptive noise barriers. They are created from concrete which is solid and reinforced. These reflective barriers bounce noise back to its source guarding residential areas from noise pollution.

Notable projects

The company’s specialized concrete products make it a standout in the industry. It supplied tunnel segments, parapets and reflective and absorbing noise barriers to the Guatrain project. The Gautrain project is a state-of-the-art train that links Johannesburg, Pretoria and OR Tambo International Airport. This is the first of its kind and a noteworthy project for Southern Pipeline Construction proving its quality service in the concrete products industry.

The noise barriers that they provided were installed between Linbropark and Modderfontein, from Marlboro to Rhodesfield, from Pretoria station to Hatfield and at the Gautrain Control Station and Techno Park in Midrand. What makes this project such a standout for Southern Pipeline Construction is that the designs are the first of its kind in South Africa.

The company has done projects throughout the South African state as well as in Africa. This includes projects in Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Some of its interesting past projects includes the Koeberg Nuclear Station, Kouga Water Scheme, Bergriver Saldanha Water Project, Gabarone Outfall Sewer, Grootfontein Omatako Siphons, Soweto Outfall Sewer, Bruma Outfall Sewer, Moreletta Spruit Sewer, Jacking Pipes for NMPP and the Riviersonderend Sheme.

Southern Pipelines is a company that exemplifies quality pre-cast concrete products. The company has worked on a number of exceptional projects through its extensive training program, and its ongoing support to its staff members makes it socially responsible in the industry. The company’s work speaks for itself and, with notable endeavours like the Gautrain project, it will surely remain a leader in the pre-cast concrete product arena.


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