Satisfying customers since 1996

In 1996, this two-partner company started with the hopes of creating a niche, quality steel business. With over a decade of experience, Siyazama Steel has grown into a large reinforcing steel business working on a range of clients—from houses to multi-story developments. Siyazama’s staff of talented individuals brings their knowledge and expertise to the company.


For fifteen years, Siyazama has flourished as a steel subcontractor in the construction industry with operations out of its site in Cape Town.Joey Freddy and his partner, A. van Duuren teamed up and started the company from the ground up. Both men had years of combined experience in the reinforcing steel industry before starting Siyazama Steel.

Freddy, FD of Siyazama says, “We had worked previously for another company in the same industry. The two shareholders at that time decided to retire and close the business so we started our own [business]. We brought two of our on-site people with us as well as partners in the business, starting on the basis that we didn’t have the funding to purchase steel, so we took it on consignment. It took us beyond our present status in obtaining a steel contract.”
The profits the company generated paid for the consignment and labour and that is how they began. Freddy says, “That’s how it started and from there we started taking on local work, becoming a vital force in the market.”

Siyazama is an expert in the steel industry and particularly specializes in providing and installing (fixing) reinforced steel and post-tensioning systems.
As an independent company, Siyazama takes a fair share of the Western Cape Market. “There are four or five companies in that market and we are on par for about 15 to 20 per cent of it says Freddy.

The company is currently rated as a level 3 BBBEE (Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment) enterprise, which means it is 100 per cent compliant. BBBEE contributes to growth and transformation for South Africa.


The range and size of Siyazama’s projects varies from job to job. The company works on everything from small houses to larger developments, installing and providing quality steel to the construction industry.

Recent steel projects for Siyazama include: ACSA Parkade, Black River Park, BMW Century City, The Boulevard, Cape Gate Medi-Clinic, Cape Royale Hotel and more.

Post tensioning projects include Vincent Pallotti Hospital, Vodacom Technocentre and Sunrise Villas.

One notable project for Siyazama is the multi-story parking lot they finished in mid-2009. It was a mammoth project that took nearly two years to finish. “It started in December 2007 and has seven blocks to it,” says Freddy.

The Cape Gate Medi-Clinic is another significant structure that they worked on and is an extension to the hospital that is already there in Cape Town.
Though the company works on both large and small-scale projects, Freddy notes that the smaller market is more maintainable for the company.

“The smaller market is more sustainable to us than the larger projects because you go in at a much more competitive price. We have houses in the small market where we just need to do a slab or a garage door,” says Freddy.

Siyazama believes the smaller projects are fundamental to the business’ success. “We will not leave out the small man because I believe that is the bread and butter of our company,” says Freddy.

Employees and training

Siyazama recognizes in the importance of nurturing employees and contractors for growth and to make them adeptly trained in the field they are working in. This in turn provides them with full expertise to do the job as well as helping them to become independent in the field.  Freddy says, “We have quite a few on-site steel contractors and we have encouraged and guided them to become independent. We assist them in purchasing materials and where to buy [products].”

The company has workshops for laborers to learn more about steel and give them a competitive advantage in the marketplace. “ There are workshops all over the country that we send labourers to learn steel bending, steel  cutting, etc., which happens about two or three times a year. They spend two months there and then they get back to our site, so they develop their skills in that way,” says Freddy.


With the worldwide economic recession, the construction industry is at somewhat at a standstill. However Freddy believes that with Siyazama’s low rates will generate business. They would also like the members of their staff to take shareholding in the company eventually, especially senior staff members.
The company sets itself apart as a customer led steel business. Siyazama understands the importance of satisfied customers to the business and service is a crucial part of keeping Siyazama healthy and sustainable,something it plans to continue. “Service is needed in this industry right now and your client has to be given the best service you can give.”

With excellent customer service, an experienced staff of hardworking individuals and years of knowledge and practice within the steel contracting marketplace, Siyazama has been making great advances since its inception over a decade ago. With continued perseverance and the quality product it produces, the job well done speaks for itself and maintains Siyazama’s reputation as a leader in the South African steel market.


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