Safintra revolutionizes steel structures

This company’s vision “to be Africa’s premiere provider of metal roofing and allied building solutions” is being realized with the help of hard work and quality product. Safintra was conceptualized with high-tech steel building knowledge and expertise and has quickly become a national name on the steel structure building market in South Africa.

The company’s objective isn’t to just be a normal construction company, but rather one that sets standards for the industry itself. With educated knowledge about the industry and respect amongst suppliers and its clientele, Safintra is a growing leader in the business.

Safintra and Hazy Crest

Hazy Crest steel construction company was bought with 70 per cent interest by Safintra in 2007. The fabrication of Hazy crest is now all handled by Safintra. Hazy crest, in conjunction with Safintra, works on a number of diverse construction projects including construction for governments, medical facilities, residential units and office buildings.

Patrick Swanepoel Operations director of Safintra says, “The Hazy Crest part is now handled mainly by Safintra in terms of building solutions and the separation of structures. It’s a building concept that is used all over the world, from Australia to Canada. First world building technologies mean cost effective buildings.”

Steel framing is a cost effective and cutting edge technology in the building industry. It can be used for residential units, complexes and estates, apartments, garages, storage units and floor trusses.


Safintra is part of the SAFAL Group of companies which is a manufacturer of flat and long steel products in Africa.

SAFAL, which is headquartered in Mauritus, was established to consolidate and organize companies throughout Africa in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, South Africa, Zambia, Angola and Malawi. Galvanising Lines in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania and Aluminum Zinc and Colour Coating lines in Kenya is also under the SAFAL group ladder.

The organization is the first of its kind to set up the Aluminium-Zinc coating technology and as a whole the group manufactures a wide range of steel products including cold rolled steel and aluminium coils and galvanized pipes.

Projects and goals

Safintra has added new dimensions to the world of metal roofing. Its new product range allows for many different types of design specifications. Its products are designed to allow flexibility and the company caters to the client’s needs. If the client has an idea, Safintra will work with them to design the appropriate product for their wants and needs creating bespoke steel products aimed directly to the client.

Safintra also has a wide range of accessories that clients can work with to have their ideas and designs come to fruition.

The company, which has factories in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Polokwane, has worked on a number of notable projects. It currently does a lot of work with government medical health department buildings creating steel structures. Safintra’s work also transcends from commercial complexes and estates to private residential homes.The company has goals of expansion and would like open branches outside of the South African marketplace.

Swanepoel says, “We’d like to get a lot more money into the building industry, from office buildings to the private residential market. We are looking at open branches outside of South Africa, in Kenya and Tanzania, before the end of the year, as well as Botswana.”

Swanepoel notes Safintra’s strong work ethic, ability to manufacture concrete and its diligent pool of staff members who make up the company.

“We are a multi-skilled company who has worked our way from the ground up. We have a young, hardworking staff,” he says.

Giving back to the community

The company is committed to social responsibility and has worked on a number of projects to benefit the community including wildlife conservation projects. It also works within the local community on building projects. Swanepoel says, “We fund wildlife conservation projects and do a lot of work in the community by building houses and making roofs.”

Safintra also has a commitment to the environment and makes sure its carbon footprint stays as low as possible. “We are very into green building—we are very environmentally conscience and we are a member of the green council,” says Swanepoel.

For Safintra, its employees are of utmost importance, job creation is at the forefront of their planning, as is empowering South Africans to be entrepreneurs. The company hopes to create affordable housing for all South Africans that will last through tough climates and weather changes.

With Safintra’s hard work and plans for growth in the future, it is sure to be a mainstay in the South African market place for steel construction. With its commitment to steel structures and high technology building, Safintra will see its goals to create affordable steel housing and expand throughout South Africa, come to fruition.


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