Willing and Sable

With the population rising and demand for new, original properties growing by the day, it is reassuring to know that Sable Homes love building incredible properties and great relationships.

In the current climate people are becoming increasingly reliant on their homes as places to relax, socialise, entertain, work and generally reflect their personalities. It certainly helps if the buildings themselves are welcoming structures that residents feel immensely proud of.

As far as Sable Homes is concerned the happiness of their customers is the essential foundation upon which the company continues to be built. Indeed, for almost twenty years it has been projecting its enthusiasm for housing through thousands of brilliantly functional and very attractive properties. Properties that inhabitants are proud to call home.

Scaling the heights

Back in 1993—just as South Africa teetered on the brink of a brave new era—Sable Homes was formed, creating its very own piece of history. Originally the business was founded by Sable Holdings Abcon Group in order to take on the residential development responsibilities of the Abcon Group of companies. Previously, the Group had only focused on commercial and retail developments, but were keen to venture into residential properties. After its initial success Sable Homes then expanded further to create Sabreal Property Management, which oversees the management of some of Sable’s projects and also handles rentals.

With the first chapter of the company’s history well and truly written Sable Homes now stand out as property developers with an unrelenting and determined focus on superior quality constructions that embody character, style and finesse. Its reputation has earned it a place as one of South Africa’s leading and most trusted property developers—transforming lives and making dreams a reality.

Managing director Anthony Bonnett describes the company’s ethos: “We have built our reputation on quality, innovation, excellent standards and reliability in a highly competitive environment. It is through our spirit that we are creating not just fabulous homes, but rewarding lifestyles for our clients.”

With its vast pool of expertise, meticulous management and two decades of innovative design and successful project completions Sable also provide peace of mind for their clients. Bonnett explains: “Over the last 20 odd years our country has seen many development companies formed and fall by the wayside, as the property boom sprung up and crashed. Unfortunately this often means life savings and fortunes are lost owing to unscrupulous or mismanaged practices. With a name and history as big as ours, the property buyer won’t lose any sleep.”


Since the beginning Sable Homes has always strived to constantly change and adapt products and services to meet the ever-changing demands of the property market. It is passionate about growing in harmony with new ideas, technology and expectations.

The company’s ever-expanding array of offerings features greenfield land development, estate development, sectional title homes and apartments. In addition its portfolio includes retirement and even golf estates. Sable has also recently started delivering complete building packages.

Its prestigious position as the residential property developer for the Hazeldean nodal development in Pretoria East, Gauteng, is its most exciting, ambitious and lucrative to date. Hazeldean is a huge project which, on completion, will introduce an astonishing compendium of residential developments, shopping centres, office parks, entertainment venues, park-areas, schools and hospitals.

“From first contact, to the ceremonial handing over of the keys, we are instrumental in the entire process of building and acquiring dream homes. We pride ourselves on the skill and expertise of every staff member,” added Bonnett.

The company currently has 30 dedicated, highly skilled and experienced employees. They will be aiming to increase Sable’s market share in the Gauteng region, while cultivating its reputation as the property developer of choice for any potential home-buyer or investor.

Green days

The Hazeldean development is one of the biggest green projects in Gauteng, and a substantial investment has already been made in ensuring that the project has a completely eco-friendly infrastructure. It is Sable’s policy to use only indigenous plants and trees, while maintaining existing wetlands and green areas in Hazeldean.

In the course of other projects, notably Heron Banks Golf and River Estate, the sites—which are situated along the Vaal River—were severely impacted through previous land usage and natural hydrological flows were impacted by sand mining, eucalyptus plantations, dirt tracks and informal agriculture. In response, Sable has realigned the structure of the wetlands to accommodate the restoration of precious local biodiversity. The company is passionate about making full use of the natural environment and is committed to sound ecological practices.

Social media has also been fully embraced by the company, helping it to communicate with clients and established investors, providing them with useful information and updates.

Sable’s refreshingly modern outlook means they will continue to be inspired by the very landscapes they are building on. It’s a positive philosophy that’s, quite literally, set in stone.


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