Successful Construction Solutions

Founded in 1969, PERI is a company with an international presence and is credited with being at the forefront of the usage of aluminium in the building industry. It manufactures formwork and scaffolding systems and is one of the largest suppliers of both in the world. The company was founded by Artur Schwörer and his wife Christl and the name PERI is a Greek prefix that means ‘round’.  In 2012, PERI posted a profit of Euro 1052 Million. With a staff of 6,500 and 110 different sites, the company has 52 subsidiaries that include a branch in South Africa.

Choosing a Girder

A girder is a beam used for support in construction and it is a central component for slab and wall formwork systems. In 1969, PERI produced its first girder, the T70, which was then replaced by the GT 24 in 1984. PERI offers two types of beams; the aforementioned GT 24 and the VT 20K.

The GT 24 is a versatile girder and has a high load-bearing capacity and offers many advantages. It’s light and manageable for slabs; it’s strong enough for walls; it’s cost effective and has a long service life.

The other girder that PERI produces is the VT 20K, a cost-effective formwork girder. It’s a 200mm solid web girder with robust steel caps and is very durable and stable.

Along with the girders, PERI offers a wide range of products which include wall formwork, climbing systems, protection scaffold and various accessories.

Significant Projects

Over the past four decades, PERI has built a reputation for its expertise in the construction of multi-storey buildings, skyscrapers, sport stadiums, cultural buildings, bridges, water retaining structures, and industrial structures.

In the construction of the Administration Building for the Central Bank of Nigeria in Lagos, PERI’s RCS self-climbing technology was used for the 100-metre tall high-rise structure. The skyscraper is in the heart of the financial district and with 21 floors provides a state-of-the art workplace for 2,000 bank employees. Because the building was very close in proximity to neighbouring buildings, PERI’s self-climbing technology and scaffolding offered a unique solution.

In preparation for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, PERI was instrumental in the building of the various football stadiums around the country. In constructing the Greenpoint Stadium, a 34cm thick reinforced concrete slab of the seven-storey high grandstand was formed using PERI panel slab formwork SKYDECK with MULTIPROP slab props. The PERI TRIO panel formwork and the VARIO GT 24 girder wall formwork were key in the making of the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban. And for the construction of the Mbombela Stadium in Nelspruit and the Vodacom Park Stadium in Bloemfontein, the PERI MULTIPROP system was used for its high load-bearing capabilities and flexibility. Another key project was the Fairlands Administration Building in Johannesburg, South Africa, a multi-storey building with three above ground level floors and two underground parking levels. PERI’s SKYDECK panel slab formwork was used in the building of the complex. Lightweight and load-bearing MULTIPROP aluminium props, as well as PEP 30 steel props, ensured easy assembly and a safe transfer of loads. The MULTIPROP 480, with an adjustment height range of 2.60m to 4.80m, was used for a wide number of applications which cut down on the number of individual components required on-site.

Innovative Team

PERI is a company that offers exceptional service to its customers. Each client’s requirements are analyzed by project and PERI’s team of experts are involved in finding suitable solutions. To help customers work more efficiently, PERI offers engineering, commercial and logistic services while working to create new opportunities for the client’s business.

To ensure that its employees are constantly innovative, PERI has a modern training centre where staff receives specialized knowledge in new technologies. Employees at PERI are also encouraged to attend seminars that encompass challenging and interesting programmes.

Quality System

PERI is a company that has the highest possible quality standards. It has an efficient production process with strict checks that are carried out by skilled officials. PERI’s technical expertise encompasses the best-trained workforce alongside high quality standards for its steel, wood and aluminium system equipment. The foundation for PERI is to have the best customer service while striving to achieve excellent work and maintaining respect for the individual. PERI is an ISO 9001 company and in 2012, for the third year in a row, received the Golden Arrow Award from the influential journal Professional Management Review. PERI was chosen as the best supplier in the Formwork and Bricks supplier category. The company was picked the winner by a random national panel of 120 representatives from the construction and building industry. The award was an acknowledgement of PERI’s continued excellence.

In the last forty years PERI has consistently delivered innovative formwork and scaffolding solutions to builders worldwide. PERI’s various products from girders, slab and tunnel formwork to working scaffold construction, it’s exciting to see what’s on offer from a company that’s become synonymous for providing successful solutions.


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