Spearheading South Africa’s property investments

With a mission to maximize long-term returns for its shareholders through property investment, this South African, family-run company, Moolman Group, is one who symbolizes a modern South Africa through its developments. Since 1967, Moolman Group has specialized in property investment, development and management. The company is in touch with the realities of the South African property industry and utilizes its entrepreneurial spirit in all of its varied projects.

Moolman Group was founded in the Limpopo Province and has evolved over its decades of experience into an international property development enterprise with a diverse portfolio of projects including corporate, government, retail and residential. Moolman Group’s company ethos to stay humble in times of success and to stand firm in the face of adversity, has remained a guiding principal throughout the company’s years of experience and expansion.

Project scope

To date, Moolman Group has been working on a number of exciting projects. One of its most noteworthy projects of late is the colossal Mall of the North. Pieter Lombaard, CEO of Moolman Group says, Recently we have been working on a few very exciting projects such as the Mall of the North which is opening on April 14. This mall is Polokwane’s largest, most modern mega-shopping centre. The mall represents the largest commercial building in the province and is jointly owned and developed by Moolman Group, Resilient Property Income Fund and Flanagan & Gerard Development and Investment.

The project scale is sprawling, and benefits the community in a number of ways. All bricks, sand and stone supplies that were used in the Mall of the North have been supplied from local businesses and the project has created hundreds of jobs for labourers and artisans. The new mall will have access to a range of retailers including a 5,000 square metres Checkers, 5,500 square metres Woolworths, and a 5,000 square metres Pick’n Pay. There will also be the first 3D Ster Kinekor in the region (a popular African cinema chain) housing approximately 1,000 seats.

Together with Flanagan & Gerard The group is also working on the Middleburg Mall, which is set to be a major shopping destination in Mpumalanga. With plans to open in 2012, the 34,000 square metres shopping centre is perfectly situated next to the N4 highway and easily accessible. The investment of R450 million is a big project for Moolman Group and the company foresees a great future for this development.

Another recent venture that Moolman Group is undertaking is the Game Centre development in Thohoyandou which is known as one of the strongest retail areas in South Africa. The company website states, This is because very little decentralisation of retail facilities occurs, ensuring a strong and vibrant central business district (CBD).

The Game Centre is being built up south of Venda Plaza on one of the last remaining pieces of vacant land in the area. The development is about 7,500 square metres.

Moolman Group is currently busy building a Makro store in Polokwane as well as being involved with three of the latest Makro buildings in Wonderboom Silver Lake Vaal.

Moolman Group’s other projects include the Bedworth Centre in Vanderbijlpark also with Flanagan & Gerard, which was completed in November 2010, as well as the Lephalale Mall in Limpopo which will be developed on a 12 hectare site in Onverwacht.

Competitive edge

Being a company that emerged from strong family ties, Moolman Group works with a philosophy that highly values integrity and client relations. As a family business we promote a family culture, says Jannie Moolman. We administer our own portfolio and manage all the property ourselves.

Within its entrepreneurial spirit Moolman notes its small business structure that aids in a fast turnaround for clients. We are entrepreneurs in a smaller structure so decision making is very quick, says Moolman. We don’t have these big corporate structures. Moolman also notes how flexible the company is with clients and how much it values its strong staff. We care about our staff. We look after them the most we can. We are small players in the industry but we are flexible and take opportunities as they come our way, he says.

Keeping the business as green as possible is also something that Moolman Group is always striving towards. The company adheres to all environmental laws and knows the importance of keeping up with environmental legislation in its business. It also works in a number of different ways to keep its carbon footprint low. We are quite aware of the challenges and importance of building green and we try to use natural light while optimizing electrical specifications. Moolman notes how important it is for the company to design buildings that are energy efficient as possible. It’s a very relevant topic at the moment, he adds.

Its corporate social responsibility is also something that the company takes seriously and the team often gets involved with various charity organizations. We like to get involved on the ground. We recently helped with a school that we saw struggling and for many years we have donated to a charity for child welfare in Polokwane, says Moolman. The company actively assists and contributes to its community in various projects like these.

For the future, Moolman Group plans to continue its investments in quality properties. We want to grow and are now in a position for growth opportunities. We are a well-established business and geared up for growth. With its long-term relationships with clients, the company has created a name for itself as a reliable, major South African property developer. Our relationships with our tenants and the fact that we deliver what we promise is key, says Moolman. With integrity and strong client relations, the team at Moolman are geared up for a fulfilling future in South African property development.


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