Moving heaven and earth

The South African earthmoving, construction and mining equipment supplier ELB Equipment is providing high quality machinery in a cost effective manner while maintaining high levels of customer service.

Big projects need big machines and in order to be productive a developer must rely on those companies able to provide high-quality and efficient machinery.

ELB Equipment is one such supplier, offering its customers a broad range of earthmoving, construction, mining and quarrying equipment and solutions.

The South African company represents a number of internationally-renowned manufacturers whose products have been designed to meet a range of international standards, strict emission guidelines and safety control regulations.

We provide a large range of specialist solutions that enhance our clients profitability and we bring machines from across the world into southern Africa, says ELB Equipment Director Desmond van Heerden.

From its earthmoving equipment division ELB is able to supply clients with a range of earthmoving equipment products that includes wheel loaders and tracked excavators. From its construction equipment division the range includes backhoe loaders, chain trenchers, directional drills and motor grader, while hydraulic hammers, rock drills, and mobile and static crushing and screening plants are available through its mining and quarrying equipment division.

As well as providing its clients with specialist solutions and a broad portfolio of movable machinery, ELB’s vision statement says that it aims to be alert and ready to meet the requirements of its customers, shareholders, employees and business associates.

It is committed to achieving excellence in product distribution and aftermarket service, and has pledged to its shareholders that it will maintain long-term growth. ELB’s ambitious aims are being met in part due to its commitment towards the continual development of its staff, ensuring that they act with high levels of professionalism.

Moral values are pretty strong throughout the group, says van Heerden. We’re an organisation that believes in supplying world leading products and we give a lot of thought to the equipment that we sell to make sure that they of a good quality and reputable standards.

More than a century of success

The Bateman Group was founded in 1903 by mechanical engineer Edward L. Bateman. Bateman had emigrated from the USA to South Africa to assist local representative Herbert Ainsworth in selling a range of equipment to mines. After Ainsworth’s death in 1919 Bateman bought the business and operated it as an effective and dynamic one-man operation.

More than 55 years later, ELB Equipment Limited was established when construction products were introduced under the Bateman umbrella of companies. This was expanded further in 1987 when an autonomous division with responsibility for earthmoving and construction equipment was formed.

By the time mining equipment was added to its range, ELB Equipment had become one of the most respected names in its industry.

Bateman Project Holdings Limited was sold to an international consortium of high net-worth individuals in February 2002, and as part of its restructuring, the Edward L Bateman Group of Companies reverted to its former well-established trade name of ELB.

Today, the company is a top supplier of engineered products for the infrastructure, mining, processing and construction industries.

The company is split up into three different divisions, covering earthmoving equipment, construction equipment, and mining and quarrying equipment.
In line with the group’s name change in 2002, Bateman Earthmoving Equipment changed its name to ELB Equipment Ltd. It is a decentralised division of the ELB Industrial Equipment Holdings Group listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

Machine variation

Along with its broad range of products for the mining, construction and earthmoving equipment divisions, ELB Equipment is busy preparing for the South African launch of launch of the Terex TLB840 Backhoe Loader, set to take place this October. This ground-breaking machine is one of the most versatile, innovative and efficient Terex backhoe loader to date.

Designed around the operator, the TLB840 has been a host of new features aimed at enhancing comfort, reducing driver fatigue and aiding productivity.
Terex Backhoe Loaders global product manager Jon Beckley says: The new TLB840 is designed to maximise our customers productivity and profitability in these challenging times.

Key features of the versatile TLB840 include a curved boom, which provides greater clearance to reach over obstacles and load closer into trucks, and its reduced height provides increased transport clearance. The boom has a new Deep Dig outerslide extending dipperstick, allowing for the clamping of objects between bucket and dipper.

An optional thumb attachment is also available for grab and grip applications. High dipper and bucket digging forces allow a dig depth to 5.4 metres while the extending dipper reaches up to 6.7 metres at ground level.

A bright future

ELB Equipment believes in supplying good, stable product and in maintaining a good, stable workforce, notes director Desmond van Heerden.

We’ve come through a recession without retrenching a single person, while many of our competition struggled, he boasts. We have also paid half-year and full-year dividends right throughout the recession.

The company’s recent success has led to it deciding to strengthen its existing footprint and investing in some of its existing dealers, as well as some of its own branches.

We have spent approximately R80 million on new facilities at our head office in Boksburg, remarks van Heerden. We’ve also spent about R6 million at our Kimberly branch and R8 million at our Durban branch, and construction should finish at our new R26 million facility in Middleburg towards the end of this year.

With its traditional market in South Africa continuing to perform well, ELB has found itself venturing into neighbouring countries such as Zimbabwe, DRC and Namibia, Swaziland and Zambia.

But with its commitment to customer service of the upmost importance, it would surely be no surprise for ELB Equipment to soon find itself in demand even further afield.


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