Botswana Ash

Botswana’s vast salt pans are home to minerals sort after by businesses across the continent; helping these African firms meet …Full Article

Edendale Hospital

Thanks to its strong educational tradition and its willingness to lead where others have yet to go, Edendale Hospital has …Full Article


To say that GeoGroup has its fingers in a number of pies would be an understatement. The energy and …Full Article


Mining isn’t for the feint-hearted and when a company embarks on a tough project, on unforgiving terrain, it needs to …Full Article

National Library of South Africa

Despite the allure of tablets, Kindles and high-res paraphernalia, books just keep bouncing back. One of the essential pantheons of …Full Article

Novo Nordisk

Thanks to its passion for medical advancement and a strong commitment to its patients, Novo Nordisk has become a prominent …Full Article

PMI Gold Corporation

In October, PMI Gold Corporation (TSX-V: PMV) (ASX: PVM)—the West African focused, ambitious gold junior with four previously mined deposits …Full Article


By utilising its international experience and blending it with an understanding of local cultures, South African firm Profica has grown …Full Article

Shamwari Group

With Africa’s urban structures increasing on a daily basis, it’s always important to remember the rich and diverse landscapes that …Full Article

Spar Group

Your friendly neighbourhood Spar shop has been a regular feature on the streets of South Africa for over half a …Full Article

Twin City

For over 25 years property developers Twin City have been transforming the Southern African landscape with modern, innovative and awe-inspiring …Full Article

African Minerals Ltd.

Tonkolili mine opens for business, as African Minerals Ltd.  make a big impression on the mining landscapeJust 14 months from …Full Article


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