South African power utility Eskom has publicly stated that its power system remains vulnerable going into winter and that cooperation from the public is needed to get through this difficult time.

Eskom Chief Executive Brian Dames stated that the national electricity grid would remain constrained until new generating capacity comes on line and much-needed maintenance is performed.  The company is stressing that the public needs to use energy conservation methods whenever and wherever possible.

Eskom declared two system emergencies last week, however, no rotational load-shedding was done.

Dames also highlighted Eskom’s five-year plan, which is aimed at ensuring a sustainable generation fleet, at the Quarterly State of the System briefing.

The plan is to target 10% generation capacity on average through the year to do fixed planned maintenance, and to address reliability and environmental issues at various power stations. Dames also emphasized the country must continue to focus on additional supply options, energy efficiency and energy conservation.