Nautic Africa, a South African commercial ship builder and marine service provider, announced today it has signed a service level agreement with the South African Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) in order to provide services to the DAFF fleet.

According to the announcement, Nautic Africa is working with DAFF to “repair its fleet for sea” and assist in the vessel operations, which will include bunkering, crewing and other logistics to ensure that the vessels are in full operations as quickly as possible so that fisheries management functions can be performed without interruption.

The DAFF fleet includes four Fisheries Protection Vessels (named Sarah Baartman, Lilian Ngoyi, Victoria Mxenge and Ruth First) and two Fisheries Research Vessels (named FRS Africana and FRS Ellen Khuzwayo).

“The partnership with the DAFF is a good example of our commitment in ensuring that we support South African small businesses and creation of jobs for personnel to support the DAFF fleet. It must further be emphasised that [Nautic Africa] is committed to ensuring that maritime skills are retained in South Africa for future development of our growing maritime industry,” said the company.

In December, Nautic Africa launched its new range of Guardian BR850 ships in an effort to provide greater maritime security, environmental protection and combat anti-piracy efforts.


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