InfraCo Africa and its principal project developer eleQtra Limited announced today that two of InfraCo’s projects have been recognised amongst Africa’s top public private partnerships.

According to the announcement, this distinction was recognised by Infrastructure Journal (IJ) and the IFC in their joint publication Emerging Partnerships: Top 40 PPPs in Emerging Markets. The publication recognises the 40 best PPPs in emerging markets today, demonstrating the potential of PPPs by providing real-world examples.

In the Africa category, InfraCo’s Chiansi Irrigation Infrastructure Project in Zambia was given the Silver award while the Cabeólica wind power project in Cape Verde was also listed amongst the top 10 PPPs in Africa.

The Chiansi Irrigation Infrastructure Project is an innovative 3,800 hectare irrigation and farming project in the Kafue district of Zambia while the Cabeólica Wind Power Project is a 26 MW wind power IPP located in Cape Verde Wind, which is reported to be the first independent power project in Cape Verde and the first large-scale wind power project in Sub-Saharan Africa.

IFC and IJ sponsored a global competition to identify PPPs with the greatest impact. Drawing from projects nominated by governments, industry, NGOs, academia and other organisations, four independent judging panels of PPP experts then selected the top 10 PPP projects from four different regions around the world. The PPPs profiled demonstrate best practices for governments working with the private sector to provide a wide range of public services and spur economic development in emerging markets. These PPPs also exhibited high levels of innovation, development vision, replicability and social impact, according to the news release.

“I am delighted that the excellent work done by the InfraCo and eleQtra team delivering innovative partnership models to deliver infrastructure services across Africa has been recognised by these awards,” said Keith Palmer, chairman of InfraCo Africa.

InfraCo Africa is part of the Private Infrastructure Development Group, which supports a variety of innovative initiatives to boost the development of infrastructure in emerging markets. Working in partnership with local and international sponsors, InfraCo Africa says its aim is to enable and support the mobilisation of private sector investment and engagement in the provision of infrastructure and basic services in sub-Saharan Africa.InfraCo Africa is currently developing projects in the water, energy, transport and other sectors in a number of countries in the region.


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