Carry on at your convenience

M3 Carriers take on the jobs its clients don’t want—and there’s nothing it loves more! For over 17 years it has been driving, delivering and distributing throughout South Africa and beyond.

The increasingly demanding citizens of planet earth are living a constantly modernised existence in which memory clouds, smartphones and tablets have become king, and lives unfold in cyberspace. When it comes to the reality of actually storing or delivering a large physical item, however, there isn’t a darn thing your iPad can do about it (with the possible exception of reminding you that you need to store or deliver a large item!).

As long as a kitchen table, grand piano, consignment of bricks or priceless statue can’t be downloaded to their destinations, M3 Carriers will continue to provide its tried and trusted warehouse, haulage and distribution services. No wonder its slogan proudly guarantees, ‘nothing too big, nor too small, M3 carries them all.’

The stuff of legends

M3 Carriers have been enthusiastically carrying the weight of responsibility from others since 1994. During that time it has provided a fully integrated service in logistics, warehousing and distribution throughout South Africa and other border countries, like Swaziland and Maputo. Since those halcyon days in the mid-nineties the business has been gathering speed and is now among the most impressive haulage companies in the region.

The company offer a total service that caters for each and every customer requirement. After a detailed consultation with the client it is the M3 Carriers policy to carry out every stage of the process with speed, precision and efficiency. While other company’s only offer one service, M3 Carriers are proud to provide a complete operation, providing peace of mind and security to all its customers.

It’s specialised and highly experienced workforce has completed thousands of local and long haul operations. M3 Carriers is a company that loves the open road, which is just as well, its considerable fleet spends most of the time on it! Indeed, over the last 17 highly successful years the company has put well over a million kilometres on the clock. When most of us are asleep you can be sure several M3 Carriers will be going about their business on the tarmac.

It’s impressively vast squad of over 200 distance-crunching vehicles includes mechanical horses, tonners, axle trailers, sodium sulphate tankers, fork lifts, clamp trucks, refrigerated trailers and cane trailers.

Managing Director Deva Moodier has overseen the company’s steady rise and thinks that unwavering reliability has been pivotal to its success. “We are passionate about providing an excellent, dedicated and versatile service which satisfies our customer’s requirements,” he says. “Our employees enjoy delivering a great service because we are passionate about providing a safe, secure and rewarding working environment.”

Firing on all cylinders

M3 Carriers unique approach to recruiting its personnel is just as diverse as its range of professional services. Its policy—which has now been fully implemented–is to select and empower previously disadvantaged individuals. Working for the company also allows them the opportunity to take control of their lives and pride in their work.

“The system really motivates people who have had a less privileged start to their lives. The company allows our devoted and faithful operators to take ownership of the vehicles and this has been instrumental in the continued success of M3 Carriers,” explains Deva.

Outstanding service and staff progression has always been at the heart of what M3 Carriers does. In a business that requires so much dedication and drive—it’s a case of moving with the times, literally.


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